How to Stream Your Events Online

How to Stream Your Events Online

February 10, 2016 | 1 min to read

Any arcade goer will recall this scene: players amassed around a cabinet in rapt attention—part reverence, part jealousy—as a local luminary effortlessly tops a high score.

Today that experience has migrated to the web. Live-streamed gaming events have drawn more spectators than the NBA finals, and eSports viewing can account for as much as 2% of all web traffic worldwide.

A lot of WPN stores, like Gryphon Games and Comics and Two Headed Games are dipping into that mammoth audience and gaining valuable PR for their stores by streaming their events online.

It's surprisingly simple to do*. Here's how:

*Be sure to obtain permission from any player who will be filmed, including parental consent for individuals under the age of 13.

By Matt Neubert


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