May 23, 2023 — WPN Orientation, WPN 101

How to Apply for the WPN

Interested in joining the Wizards Play Network? There are a few things you should know first.

May 23, 2023 — WPN Orientation, WPN 101

How to Apply for the WPN

Interested in joining the Wizards Play Network? There are a few things you should know first.

Before you apply to join the Wizards Play Network, there are a few things you should know first.

The Application Process

Our team will ask you to submit a few key items to verify your business for membership. Application requirements may differ depending on your region. Speak with a member of the WPN Team for more information.

Ownership Verification

We can only accept an application to the WPN from the registered owner of the business. Please be prepared to provide a business license or other state-issued legal documentation that includes the owner’s name in connection with the store. Please do not submit any superfluous documentation that includes otherwise sensitive information for verification, such as bills, invoices, insurance documents, passports, or driver's licenses.

The owner needs to apply with their individual Wizards Account which will then be associated with the store profile, as Wizards Accounts are only for individuals, not organizations.

Video Walkthrough

We would like to see your store as if we were there to see it ourselves. Please submit one continuous video filmed horizontally that shows all areas of your store. This is best uploaded via a shareable link to the file, such as through your Google Drive. We want to see:

  • Your store’s appearance from the outside and surrounding area, including any permanent exterior signage.
  • Your point of sale area and your current Magic: The Gathering sealed product
  • Your dedicated play space
  • Other public amenities your customers can access (including restrooms)
  • Behind all doors and areas that are not publicly accessible (including storage, office spaces, or employee only areas).

Here are some of the expectations we have of WPN applicants, and what we’ll be looking for in your video.

    • You are an independent retail store that offers a welcoming, clean, and safe space for customers of all ages to purchase and play with current Wizards of the Coast products.
    • Your play space is spacious enough to organize at least 8 player events comfortably. Play space can be permanent or flexible.
    • Your store is open for business and not under construction or in the process of being set up.
    • Your store has a professional exterior sign (it cannot be handwritten).
    • Your store, including fixtures, play space, restrooms, hallways, and other areas are clean, clutter-free and in good condition, posing no safety or guest experience issues.
    • Your store has professional retail merchandising space, appropriately stocked with current sealed Wizards of the Coast product. You should have at least 4 displays of Magic product from the last 2 years.
    • You have an internet connection.
    • Your store doesn’t share space with another business and is not located inside another business.
    • You have restrooms on site that are clean and accessible. If they are a shared amenity, as in a shopping mall, they are accessible while your location is open.

Here are a few key tips to make sure your video is the best representation of your store.

  • Shoot in landscape mode (horizontally). It makes for the easiest viewing experience and shows us the most of your store at once.
  • Use slow pans as you tour your store. This makes it easy for the team to get a strong sense of your store’s identity and play space.
  • Don't worry about background noise. We watch videos with the sound off, so any background noise or narration you may provide won't be captured during review.

The WPN Orientation Program

After completing the application process, you will be enrolled in a probationary four-week WPN Orientation period. This consists of three parts:

  • Checkpoint conversations with your WPN Administration Specialist.
  • Achieving the Orientation Ticket Requirements for your region.
  • Completing all modules within the Learning Management System.

Checkpoint Conversations

A dedicated WPN Administration Specialist for your region will outline this process for you. Checkpoint conversations will help you get to know us, help us get to know your store better, and provide you with useful insights that have helped many other successful WPN stores.

Scheduling and Reporting Events in Wizards EventLink

Equipped with the Definitive Guide to Wizards EventLink, you’ll begin scheduling and reporting your store’s events and working toward your region’s Ticket goal.

Learning Management System

You will be enrolled in our new Learning Management system, consisting of informational videos about the WPN and a survey of your learning experience.

Your access to the Learning Management System is limited and will be removed at the end of your WPN Orientation period.

Orientation Requirements

By the end of the four-week Orientation period, we expect your store to complete the Learning Management System and reach a required Ticket count milestone. This milestone is determined by your region.

What are Tickets? Tickets are a total of all entries across your Magic: The Gathering events, in any format. If one player plays in one of your reported events, they count as one Ticket. An eight-player event counts for eight Tickets. Don’t forget that casual play also counts toward your store’s metrics!

The following Ticket requirements apply to each region:

  • North America: 45 Tickets
  • Asia-Pacific: N/A
  • Europe: N/A
  • Japan: N/A
  • Latin America: N/A

Update: Starting in North America, we are beginning a gradual rollout to reinstate WPN Orientation metrics as a part of the WPN Orientation Program. The Orientation Ticket Requirement for North America will be 45 Tickets. We will communicate Ticket Requirements for each region as needed.

Missing Requirements

We have high standards for entry into the Wizards Play Network. Your store’s WPN account may be closed for any of the following reasons:

  • Missing the required Ticket count for your region by the end of orientation.
  • Missing more than two scheduled appointments.
  • Violating WPN or individual program policies, found here.
  • Failing to demonstrate appropriate commitment to the WPN program or failing to respond .

We also reserve the right to close any WPN account at our discretion.

If your WPN account is closed, you may be allowed to reapply for membership after a temporary waiting period, depending on the situation. For additional details, speak with your region’s WPN Retail team.

Learn More

Our website is updated every week with new articles and resources to help your store, so be sure to check back frequently. If you are ready to apply, join us here.

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