[UPDATE] The WPN's Response to COVID-19

[UPDATE] The WPN's Response to COVID-19

February 1, 2021 | 3 min to read

In-Store Play Temporarily Suspended in North America, Latin America, South America, Europe (including Russia), Japan, and Africa

In-Store Play is currently permitted in Australia, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Brunei Darussalam. Always follow all local laws and regulations regarding in-store gatherings.

Policy allowance of WPN members charging for Arena events extended globally.

In-Store Play Temporarily Suspended in North America, Latin America, South America, Europe (including Russia), Japan, and Africa

Remote play events remain available in Wizards Event Reporter and EventLink, but any live events scheduled will be automatically cancelled and removed from the Store and Event Locator.

We recommend WPN members host remote events, whether via Magic Arena, Magic Online, or webcam. Visit our guide to running Arena tournaments through EventLink to get started.

Policy allowance of WPN members charging for Arena events extended globally.

Earlier this year, we lifted restrictions around organizers taking admission fees for events run on Magic Arena and Magic Online. We have increased the maximum entry fee for both Magic Arena and Magic Online tournaments to $25.

These temporary guidelines will be in effect until further notice (at least through July 2021).

Please review the Wizards Play Network Magic Arena Tournament Guidelines before running these events.

Evolving WPN Premium for COVID-19 and Beyond

We're suspending the metrics requirement for WPN Premium and adding requirements for online sales and communities.

We're as committed as ever to bringing world-class gaming experiences to the Magic community, and we believe Premium is within reach of every WPN member who wants it. These changes ensure we continue to meet that high bar even as the idea of WPN membership grows and adapts to new circumstances.

"Snapshot" Metrics to Be Used Until Further Notice

In early 2020, we took a "snapshot" of every WPN member's attendance numbers, which we've used to determine Promo Pack allocations, Prerelease allocations, and so on. We will continue to use that snapshot until further notice.

Use Buy-a-Box Promos for Purchases of Six Prerelease Packs

To support the sales of Prerelease Packs, you can use Buy-a-Box promos as a sales incentive. Whenever a player buys an increment of six Prerelease Packs, you may include one Buy-a-Box promo per set of six—two promos for 12 Prerelease Packs purchased, three promos for 18, and so on.

You may choose to cap the amount of Prerelease Packs a single player can purchase at your discretion.

Use Promo Packs as Sales Incentive & At-Home Play Reward

Typically, Promo Packs are to support in-store play only. However, until further notice, Promo Packs may be used as a sales incentive.

Ship Buy-a-Box Promos with Online Orders

Until further notice, WPN members may ship Buy-a-Box cards along with orders of full displays. (Note that those shipments may also include Promo Packs.)

Friday Night Magic at Home

We encourage organizers to facilitate virtual tabletop events and other remote play opportunities with community channels like Discord. We've partnered with Discord to help stores create a community hub with a single click.

Additionally, we launched Friday Night Magic events on Magic Arena, and we have issued stores special codes to reward participation. You may also support these events with Promo Packs.

At-Home Prereleases

You may schedule "At-Home Prerelease" events across Prerelease Week. Just look for "At-Home Prerelease" in Wizards EventLink and schedule as usual. Schedule as many events as you need.

These events are player list only, and they'll count towards future Prerelease allocations. Note however that the current set will only be considered in future allocations if your At-Home Prerelease attendance is higher than other recent sets.

Should I enter a player if another player picks up their pack for them?

Only input the account information of the player picking up the product or receiving it by mail—other players should not be entered on their behalf. Please limit Prerelease Pack sales as you see fit (you are not required to limit them) and enter the player into an event for each Prerelease Pack they purchase.

How should I manage this in Wizards EventLink?

The simplest way to manage At-Home Prerelease events is to schedule several events in EventLink, keep them open, and add a player to a number of those events equal to the number of Prerelease Packs they purchased.

What about the no-charge prize packs?

Two prize packs should be included for each Prerelease Pack purchased.

And the Prerelease Early Sale Promotion?

Prerelease Early Sale Promotion booster boxes may also be sold and shipped at this time.

If you choose to ship your Prerelease Packs, acquire the customers' Wizards Account information for each purchase at the time the order is placed to enter players into events.

Promo & Product Allocation Adjustments

We have taken a "snapshot" of your Tickets, Engaged Players, and Activated Players. Hereafter, we will allocate Promo Packs, exclusive products, and so on, based off either the snapshot or your real-time numbers—whichever is higher.

Prerelease Allocation Adjustment

Typically, a store’s Prerelease allocation is based on the highest Prerelease attendance in the last two Prereleases. However, current Prerelease allocations include Theros Beyond Death until further notice.


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