Updates to RPTQ

April 13, 2017 | 1 min to read

In an effort to improve the Regional Pro Tour Qualifier experience for both players and event organizers, we will be making a few updates to RPTQs, effective August 12, 2017:

More stores can host RPTQs.

Four times a year, we will select 37 stores worldwide (up from 32) to host a RPTQ.

Stores will be hand selected by Wizards of the Coast from among our Advanced Plus locations in large population centers.

RPTQ locations may charge an entry fee.

In acknowledgment of the cost and effort of running these high-capacity events, stores who are selected to run an RPTQ will be allowed to charge an entry fee. The fee will be up to the store’s discretion.

Pro Tour invites will vary based on attendance.

Depending on the number of players at the event, RPTQ locations may be able to award 2, 4, or 8 invites.

With the addition of more RPTQ events, we will be looking to the best Advanced Plus stores and organizers to host these events.

Consistently run great events for a shot at being chosen!

Get more details on these RPTQ changes, on the Magic website.


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