Week 2 Conversation: Expanding Your Reach

Week 2 Conversation: Expanding Your Reach

May 12, 2016 | 2 min to read

The second week of the program covers how to expand your customer and player base.

Here's the highlights of what you discussed, with links to help you explore more on each topic.

Attract New Players

Encourage your players to bring friends new to the game and host events specifically for new players. Create an atmosphere that welcomes and elevates the new player.

Run demos for new players with Welcome Decks and when they're ready to make their first purchase, guide them to an Planeswalker Deck. You can always point beginners to the free-to-play video game Magic Duels. Many retailers take advantage of its teaching power by setting it up on an in-store tablet or PC.

Take a look at our Ideal Product Path.

Get involved in your local community by participating in local events or having a booth at a local fair. Use Facebook to reach out to local gaming groups and our pre-written letters to contact high-schools, colleges, and libraries.

Advertise to All

Find creative homes for the posters and flyers you put up in store and around town.

Use sign-up sheets and pre-event announcements to highlight your upcoming events.

Announcements before each event set the tone for player behavior.

Consistently use social media before and after your events. Hype the upcoming product, release or weekly event every time. After your events, try posting photos of the winner or showcase fun decks that surprised your player base. Check out our marketing ebook for some more great ideas on promoting your events.

Run Standard Events and Drafts for Your Players

Run Standard events and Booster Drafts on a weekly basis to grow your player base. To make sure these events count toward your level and to help your players earn Planeswalker Points, schedule these events under “Magic” in Wizards Event Reporter.

Plan ahead, as these “Ranked” events must be created a week in advance and will always require at least eight players.

If less than eight players show up, just cancel out the event, and run a casual event by clicking "Magic Casual Event" in Wizards Event Reporter.

Read more about Ranked and Casual events on the Events page of the WPN site, under Event types.


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