Week 3 Conversation: Meeting Your Community's Needs

Week 3 Conversation: Meeting Your Community's Needs

May 12, 2016 | 2 min to read

The third week approaches tactics for managing your community and purposefully building an event calendar.

You can review some of these ideas below.

Nurture a Welcoming Community

Set aside time once a week for a "Learn to Play" or "Bring a Friend" event. Some stores add the incentive of a booster-pack for the recruiting player.

Take feedback from your players and adjust to meet their needs.

Photo courtesy of Les 7 Royaumes

Publically post and enforce a set of store rules or code of conduct. It's best to start strict and ease up, as it's harder to go the other way.

Go the extra mile for your players and work to create an inclusive atmosphere. Talk with problem players early on to head off any issues.

Build Your Event Calendar

Run at least two events a week to give your players consistency. Vary your event offerings across different formats to reach every potential customer.

Host a Standard event on Friday night to ramp into having Friday Night Magic.

Send clear signals to your players about the event with prizes and entry fees. Top heavy prize support will draw a competitive crowd. Flat prize support can be a great option for any event, but will keep the feel casual.

Host Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League Events

Run Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League events to reach even more players.

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These events count equally to help you level up. Your first step will be finding a Dungeon Master.

Run an event that's built to be kid-friendly.

Use online tools to help you organize and prepare for the events. Find news and discussion on the D&D Adventure's League page and check out the Dungeon Master's Guild for more amazing content.


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