Sep 5, 2015

3 Free Ways to Advertise Your Events

Boost attendance at your Battle for Zendikar events with these unique, no-cost promotion techniques!

Sep 5, 2015

3 Free Ways to Advertise Your Events

Boost attendance at your Battle for Zendikar events with these unique, no-cost promotion techniques!

Advertisements are ubiquitous: a study quoted in the New York Times claims that consumers are exposed to upwards of 5,000 advertisements each day.

So how can you promote your Battle for Zendikar events in a way that stands out?

Here are three ideas your colleagues in the WPN have come up with:

1. Use This Free Video Trailer

Video advertising works: online consumers spend almost 90% more time on websites with video, and almost 50% of people say they're more likely to check you out after seeing a video.

That's why we've provided a customizable video trailer you can use to promote your Battle for Zendikar Prerelease.

Here's what it looks like:

How to make your video:

1. Go here and download the video file.

2. Import it into a video editing software. Mac users can use iMovie. PC users might use Adobe After Effects or Photoshop, Camtasia, or Windows Movie Maker (available as a free download here on Microsoft's website).

3. Enter your event information (dates, start times, prize support, etc.) into the blank area at :10.

4. Save the edited video.

5. Run it in your store or post the video on your website or social media in the weeks running up to Prerelease!

We offered a similar video for Magic Origins, and a lot of WPN locations found success using it to advertise their Prerelease.

Here's just one example:

2. Show Off the Rewards

Effective advertising operates on a simple principle: promise a benefit.

But simple photos of booster boxes and Prerelease packs don't stand out.

Here's how two WPN stores show off the loot in a way that does:

Tales of Adventure's Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease featured a prize wall stuffed with Dragons from throughout Magic's history, and they presented it in the shape of the set's expansion symbol.

For Magic Origins Prerelease, Paladin's Game Castle took a cue from Common Ground Games and made custom trophies out of Funko POP! figures.

"There were several players in our midnight Prelease event that were not sure whether they would come back the next morning to play in the Saturday event," says owner Curtis Lusk. "But when they saw the trophies many of them decided to forego extra sleep and play!"

3. Beam with Bluetooth Beacons

Ettin Games was quick to jump on this new tool for businesses.

Facebook Bluetooth beacons send a signal your customers' phones to show them information like photos and upcoming events while they're in your store (note that customers need to have location services turned on for this to work).

A limited number of Bluetooth beacons are available at no charge from Facebook.

Request one here and make sure your page is looking sharp with Battle for Zendikar images from our Marketing Materials page!

By Matt Neubert

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