Nov 1, 2022 — Events, The Brothers' War

4 Things to Do to Prepare for The Brothers' War Prerelease

Tackle these to-dos this week to drive more event sign-ups and prepare your retail space for the incredible event.

Nov 1, 2022 — Events, The Brothers' War

4 Things to Do to Prepare for The Brothers' War Prerelease

Tackle these to-dos this week to drive more event sign-ups and prepare your retail space for the incredible event.

In just one week, your community will celebrate The Brothers' War at the most historic Prerelease of the year. This set takes players back in time to a brutal clash of mechanical armies from Magic's storied past.

Now is the time for you to use every resource available to promote your event and draw in as many additional Prerelease sign-ups as possible.

Prepare for Full Product Availability at Prerelease Early Sales

In case you missed it, we announced a big change to Prerelease Early Sales for The Brothers' War: you can officially sell the full suite of products right at Prerelease, in any quantity. Check out our full announcement for all the details.

With every product available for purchase right at Prerelease, your merchandising becomes key in driving additional sales—your merchandising strategy should make it as easy as possible for customers to get the products they want.

Some members of your community may not have heard about the exciting news—you can review our retailer product breakdown to ensure you and your staff are prepared to pitch every product on the shelf.

Get together with your staff and review any questions leading up to Prerelease; that way, everyone will be on the same page, feeling confident enough to handle questions from any player curious about where to find which treatment in The Brothers' War.

Drum Up Prerelease Registrations

Your store will be the first place where players can get their hands on every product in The Brothers' War lineup—and you want to be sure you have enough events scheduled to encourage community engagement!

First, focus on planning the perfect Prerelease event, whether you choose to run a traditional Sealed event for Prerelease or a Jumpstart Prerelease. Jumpstart Prerelease gives newer players in your community the opportunity to experience the set before diving into a traditional Prerelease experience.

You can also schedule regular Booster Draft events during Prerelease week. Running Booster Draft events Monday to Thursday will give your players a reason to return for more adventures with The Brothers’ War. However, keep in mind that attendance at these events will not count toward your future Prerelease Pack allocations.

Any Booster Draft events you run will count towards your Tickets and Engaged Players, so if members of your community would be excited to attend a regular Booster Draft event during Prerelease week for The Brothers' War, get one on the books in Wizards EventLink.

Use GIFs and Video to Highlight Special Treatment Cards

You can use special treatment GIFs and the new Collector Booster advertisement reel to capture your community's attention and spark conversation about the cards and their gorgeous treatments.

Use the Collector Booster advertisement reel to easily show off the most exciting cards players can find inside the product. Share the file on your social media page to encourage product preorders with your store and remind players that they can pick them up right at Prerelease on November 11!

Download special treatment GIFs, the Collector Booster video, and more social media marketing materials from our marketing materials page.

Get Your Play Space Ready for Prerelease

Once your event has been scheduled and you've shared the news with your community, the last thing left to do is to prep your play space to make sure players have a smooth Prerelease experience. Prepare table numbers and add any decorations you'd like to set the tone for the event.

As you move around your play space, ask yourself: are your tables spaced comfortably apart? Do you have ample space in your walkways to accommodate for any accessibility needs within your community? Have your staff help prepare your play space to make it the best it can be for the big day.

After Prerelease, we'll be sending WPN stores a survey to measure how these changes influenced your event—we are eager to hear your feedback, so be sure to take note of any details you notice as the week draws near.

We hope you've been advertising your Prerelease to players all month long, but in case you haven't scheduled your event yet, now is the time to do so! Head to Wizards EventLink and set up your events for The Brothers' War today.

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