Apr 30, 2024

Beyblade X Launch in WPN Stores

Get ready to rip into the exciting world of Beyblade with a new play experience for your store.

Apr 30, 2024

Beyblade X Launch in WPN Stores

Get ready to rip into the exciting world of Beyblade with a new play experience for your store.

Get ready to launch into the exciting world of Beyblade! We are thrilled to share a new in-store experience that can help you bring Beyblade play to your community. Our team is committed to supporting you every step of the way—from securing your Beyblade play materials to running an in-store Beyblade league.

Your store's Beyblade journey will occur in three phases, kicking off as early as today.

Phase 1 - Discovery

Phase One begins now. Let your customers discover or rediscover Beyblade and get ready for what's to come! You'll soon be able to sign up for the Beyblade X launch event and receive a kit that includes tops from the new line, an extra arena and POS materials to promote your events and products.

Phase 2 - Beyblade X Launch Event

In July seize the opportunity to host an Early Access Event featuring the latest Beyblade X line. Your community will experience the thrill of Beyblade battles firsthand—fast, fun, and effortlessly set up! Designed to appeal to both the younger audience and seasoned gamers alike, your customers will attend a fun and friendly event with prizes and can purchase the products for the first time.

Phase 3 - League

Keep the excitement alive by organizing regular leagues, pitting the four Beyblade factions against each other in thrilling competitions within your store. Mark your calendars for the inaugural league in September, followed by another showdown in November.

We hope you're ready to spread the joy and excitement of Beyblade to your store's community. Build countless hours of fun and camaraderie among future Beyblade masters, starting now!


Please keep the following in-store safety instructions top of mind*:

Beyblade arenas must be installed at ground level (do not place them on tables or raised surfaces) to prevent a spinning top flying out of the arena from injuring a player. Spinning tops can bounce back and hit the eyes or face. Please ensure that participants do not lean over the arena when spinning tops are in motion.

*Tournaments organized by local game stores are the unique responsibility of store operators. HASBRO accepts no liability in this respect.

About Beyblade:

Beyblade tops are dynamic spinning tops originally launched by TOMY in Japan in 1999. They’ve undergone a few evolutions since then and are currently in their third generation: BEYBLADE BURST. BEYBLADE BURST tops are made up of multiple components that you can interchange and assemble manually: a BEYBLADE BURST Strike Chip, Energy Layer Base, Gravity Ring, Forge Disc, Performance Tip, and Armor Tip. There are thousands of possible combinations, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, so you and your friends can challenge each other to exciting battles with customized BEYBLADE BURST tops! There are 4 types of BEYBLADE BURST tops: Attack, Stamina, Defense, and Balance. To play, each player loads their BEYBLADE BURST tops onto their BEYBLADE BURST launchers and pulls the ripcord over the BEYBLADE BURST Beystadium at the same time. Tops can “burst” into pieces in battle resulting in 2 points for the other player (burst rates vary).

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