May 5, 2023 — Commander Masters, Events

Dates & Details for Commander Masters

Prep your calendar for the Commander Masters release with all the relevant dates and details.

May 5, 2023 — Commander Masters, Events

Dates & Details for Commander Masters

Prep your calendar for the Commander Masters release with all the relevant dates and details.

Magic's most popular format is getting the Masters treatment—and your Commander community will be eager to check out everything this set has to offer, from powerful reprints to glamorous new treatments for their favorite cards.

Mark your calendar with key dates and take a look at newly announced set details below.

Commander Masters Key Dates

Distributor Selection Deadline: May 19

WPN Premium Deadline: June 30

Scheduling Opens: May 1

Promo Kit Delivery: Beginning June 9

WPN Premium Preview Event: July 28 – August 3

Release: August 4

Launch Party: August 4 – 6

Commander Face Cards Revealed

The four Commander Masters Commander Decks revisit some of the most powerful and popular Commander archetypes—introducing ten new-to-Magic cards per deck. Today, we revealed the commanders leading these powerful decks, following in the tradition of Masters releases bringing a high power level to the table:

  • Zhulodok, Void Gorger – Colorless "Eldrazi Unbound" deck
  • Anikthea, Hand of Erebos – White-Black-Green "Enduring Enchantments" deck
  • Commodore Guff – Blue-Red-White "Planeswalker Party" deck
  • Sliver Gravemother – Five-color "Sliver Swarm" deck
Zhulodok, Void Gorger and Anikthea, Hand of Erebos
Commodore Guff and Sliver Gravemother

The introduction of popular Commander archetypes into the pre-constructed space with both Colorless and Five-color Commander Decks gives both new and experienced players fun strategies to try during your Launch Party and WPN Premium Preview Events.

Schedule Commander or Commander Draft at Launch Party

At your Commander Masters Launch Party, you can encourage players to purchase one of the new Commander Decks to try out at your store, or you can run the unique Commander Draft format. Some of your players may be familiar with Commander Draft from Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate, and might enjoy the challenge with Commander Masters as well.

Players who participate in the event will earn a participation promo while supplies last, and the participation promo is the same for both WPN Premium Preview Events and Launch Party events.

You will have an allocation of Commander Masters Draft Boosters available through your distributor that should be just enough for you to run your events with.

If you plan to offer both pre-constructed Commander play and Commander Draft at your Commander Masters Launch Party, each format must be run and reported as its own event in Wizards EventLink. Regardless of the format you choose, the pairing method will automatically lock in as Player-List Only for every Launch Party event you run.

Monocolored Partner Commanders at Commander Masters Draft

Commander Masters has a unique addition only for the Draft environment: only during Commander Masters Commander Draft, all colorless and monocolored Legendary Creatures, as well as monocolored Planeswalkers that can be your commander, have the Partner ability.

The Partner ability allows a player to have two commanders, as long as each one has Partner. Please keep in mind that this information is not displayed anywhere on the product packaging, as it only applies during Commander Masters Commander Draft events.

Allowing monocolored Legendary Creatures to have Partner in the Commander Draft environment allows players some flexibility while they draft, since in Commander, the cards in a deck must match the color identity of the chosen commander.

WPN Premium Preview Event Details

For WPN Premium stores, the Commander Masters mayhem begins a week earlier, starting July 28 at the WPN Premium Preview Event. Preview Events are only run by WPN Premium stores and allow your communities to get their hands on the set earlier than anyone else.

You can run an epic Commander Draft event using the same rule about partners as above—and for participating in the Preview Event, players will earn a participation promo. For your event, you'll have an allocation of Draft Boosters available from your distributor; these Draft Boosters are only to be used for play and prizes until the Commander Masters release on August 4. After the set's release, your remaining Draft Boosters may be sold as normal.

The deadline to achieve a WPN Premium designation for the opportunity to run this event is June 30. If you're already on the Path to WPN Premium, schedule an appointment with your WPN Business Development Specialist to get yourself over the finish line.

Commander Masters releases on August 4—check out our marketing materials page for all the updated marketing materials and product shots, and when you're ready, open Wizards EventLink and get your Launch Party scheduled.

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