Feb 20, 2023 — March of the Machine, Events

Dates & Details for March of the Machine

The four-set story arc ends with March of the Machine—mark down key dates for this epic event.

Feb 20, 2023 — March of the Machine, Events

Dates & Details for March of the Machine

The four-set story arc ends with March of the Machine—mark down key dates for this epic event.

The Phyrexians have invaded, and the Multiverse is in peril—the only option is to take one last stand. March of the Machine brings every remaining hero together to stand against the ultimate evil, drawing the Phyrexian story arc to a close.

As you prepare your players to defy compleation, put these key dates on your calendar and get a run-down for what to expect from the set.

March of the Machine Key Dates

Distributor Selection Deadline: February 10

Commander Party WPN Premium Deadline: February 10

Scheduling Opens: February 20

Marketing Poster Delivery, North America and Latin America: Beginning March 14

Promo Kit Delivery: Beginning April 10

Prerelease: April 14 – 20

Release: April 21

Launch Party: April 21 – 23

March of the Machine: The Aftermath Release: May 12

Friday Night Magic: April 21 – August 25

Commander Nights: April 24 – August 31

Store Championship: May 13 – 21

WPN Premium Exclusive Commander Party: May 26 – 28

R.R. Donnelley Custom Marketing Materials Ordering Window (select NA WPN Premium stores): February 27 – March 17

Please note: the WPN Premium Deadline associated with the R.R. Donnelley marketing material order window was January 27, 2023. Qualifying WPN Premium stores can save this guide for information about how to order using the portal. For more information about our R.R. Donnelley partnership, check out our initial announcement.

The Phyrexian story arc spanned four sets—our full Standard release season—and there are a few key differences coming for March of the Machine that will help make this a truly epic final chapter.

Complete the Story with Epilogue Boosters

A few weeks following the release of March of the Machine, a unique product is being released. March of the Machine: The Aftermath introduces a new type of Booster—the Epilogue Booster—meant to tie off any remaining loose ends of the story and check in on how our valiant heroes are doing following the conclusion of the Phyrexian arc.

Epilogue boosters are a treat for both collectors and players who are captivated by Magic's in-depth story. Each booster contains five cards with no Commons; 1-3 cards are Rare and 1-2 are Uncommon —and every card is Standard-legal. Plus, there's a guaranteed foil and Showcase treatment in every pack, making Epilogue boosters a powerful pack to add a quick burst of style or strategy to any player's deck.

Even though these Boosters are not Draft-able , you can still find creative ways to include them in your event structure. For example, you may run a Sealed event and provide players with one or two Epilogue Boosters between rounds of play to include in their decks.

You might also encourage players to bring their Prerelease decks back for a March of the Machine: The Aftermath Launch Party where you provide players with a set amount of Epilogue boosters, give them time to refresh their decks, and play for fun prizes.

Welcome Boosters Get an Evergreen Refresh

For March of the Machine, Welcome Boosters are getting an evergreen refresh, meaning they will no longer be updated with every Standard set. Welcome Boosters are a fantastic item to keep in your rotation of new player-friendly products, as they're able to give brand new players a balanced taste of everything fun about Magic: The Gathering.

In addition to this change, we will no longer be producing Welcome Boosters in Spanish and Portuguese. Stores that were being served by these languages will instead be receiving these items in English. The total quantity of Welcome Boosters provided to your store will not be affected.

First Look Details—Booster Fun Treatments

Today kicks off our First Look of March of the Machine, which creates a powerful marketing opportunity for you. Your community will be abuzz with discussion about the very first card and mechanic reveals for the set—kickstart conversations on your own social media pages and encourage your community to pre-order at your store.

Get ready to take your final stand against the Phyrexians—use these key dates to guide your event scheduling in Wizards EventLink today! You can catch up on the reveals on our overview article.

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