Jul 28, 2023 — Wilds of Eldraine, Featured

Dates & Details for Wilds of Eldraine

Mark your calendars with all the key dates and get the download on news coming with the set release.

Jul 28, 2023 — Wilds of Eldraine, Featured

Dates & Details for Wilds of Eldraine

Mark your calendars with all the key dates and get the download on news coming with the set release.

This September, Magic returns to the whimsical, mystical plane of Eldraine, known for its fairytale charm. Wilds of Eldraine takes players beyond the castle walls into the Wilds, an unruly and mischievous segment of the woods.

Grab the key dates and details as you begin planning for the set release.

Wilds of Eldraine Key Dates

Distributor Selection Deadline: June 23

Commander Party WPN Premium Deadline: June 23

Scheduling Opens: July 28

Promo Kit Delivery: Beginning August 25

Prerelease: September 1 – 7

Release: September 8

Open House: September 8 – 10

Friday Night Magic: September 8 – November 3

Commander Nights: September 9 – November 9

Commander Party: September 15 – 17

Store Championship: September 30 – October 8

R.R. Donnelley Custom Marketing Materials Ordering Window (select NA WPN Premium stores): July 7 – 28

Open House Replaces Launch Party

Starting with Wilds of Eldraine, the weekend of Launch Party will be replaced by the return of the Open House program! Open House is a perfect opportunity for new-to-Magic players to visit your store and learn the ropes of Magic in a friendly social environment.

Plus, you can encourage the engaged players in your community to stop in and bring their friends and family to earn the Bring-a-Friend promo and teach them to play—or, if they're interested, they can become a mentor for other new players at your store.

To support this event, your store will receive the following in your promo shipment:

  • Participation promos based on community size
  • Bring-a-Friend promo (both new players and their experienced friends receive the promo)
  • Sticker Sheet featuring Wilds of Eldraine and evergreen Magic: The Gathering art (for interested participating players, while supplies last)

When scheduling your Open House, there will be a new event format for you to select in Wizards EventLink: New Player Event. This format allows you to accommodate the multiple ways to play during new-player focused events, such as running games using the Starter Kits and Sealed Deck games simultaneously.

Starter Kit 2023 Eligible for Prerelease Early Sales

Starting at Prerelease on September 1, you can sell Wilds of Eldraine products in your store in any quantity to your players. The Magic: The Gathering Starter Kit 2023, which shares a release date with Wilds of Eldraine, is also eligible for Prerelease Early Sales.

Please note that WPN stores in Japan will not be participating in Prerelease Early Sales for Wilds of Eldraine.

Marketing Poster Shipped Alongside Promo Materials

Your marketing poster for each set previously shipped separately; starting with Wilds of Eldraine, the poster will arrive as part of your promo kit. Be sure to display it prominently in your space to generate as much conversation leading up to Prerelease as possible!

30th Anniversary Promos: 2011 – 2014

Magic's 30th anniversary celebration continues with four promos to support Wilds of Eldraine Prerelease:

  • Hornet Queen (printed in French)
  • Harvester of Souls
  • Kalonian Hydra (printed in Spanish)
  • Goblin Rabblemaster
French language Hornet Queen, Harvester of Souls, Spanish language Kalonian Hydra, and Goblin Rabblemaster

There are numerous ways you can utilize these promos to encourage Prerelease registrations and support the event itself, so don't hesitate to share this set's 30th anniversary promos with your players as early as possible.

Event scheduling for Wilds of Eldraine is now open—so don't delay! Pull up your calendar on Wizards EventLink and get your events scheduled to seamlessly transition from a busy summer to an exciting fall in the Wilds.

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