May 15, 2020

Eventlink Updates, May 6: Run WER Events, End Events Early

Get the latest on Wizards Eventlink updates, bug fixes, and upcoming features.

May 15, 2020

Eventlink Updates, May 6: Run WER Events, End Events Early

Get the latest on Wizards Eventlink updates, bug fixes, and upcoming features.

Bill Stark, Eventlink Product Manager

The latest updates to Wizards Eventlink are here! Opening doors during alpha testing, so much earlier than anticipated, has been a wild ride. But we've been working hard to get the tool ready to support the Wizards Play Network during these tumultuous times.

Now let’s talk about some of the features we’re releasing and that are coming up as we progress through our original development plans.

New Features: End Events Early, Run Events Originally Scheduled in Wizards Event Reporter

End your events early

One of the big requests coming from retailers during our Wizards Eventlink alpha playtest has been, “How can I control how many rounds my event is?” That has always been planned functionality for the app and I’m excited to say that, on April 28th, our “end event early” feature went out. This allows you to end an event ahead of schedule, if needed. Here's how to do it:

1. On the results entry screen you'll see "Event Options"

2. Click the dropdown and select "End Event"

3. Click "Confirm"

After the event ends, you and players on the Magic Companion app will see the standings.

Run events originally scheduled in Wizards Event Reporter

To ensure the smoothest transition from WER to Eventlink, events you’ve created in classic Wizards Event Reporter can now be run in Eventlink.

Bug Fixes

Magic Companion app crash issues resolved

We were seeing an uptick in the amount of app crashes Companion users were experiencing, particularly with certain types of devices. While this is expected as we increase our userbase and put the system through its first live tests, our team scrambled to roll out fixes for these issues.

If your players had any problems with Companion, encourage them to try again with the updated version! We’ve made significant improvements to the infrastructure, and they should have a much smoother experience with both the app and participating in your Eventlink events.

Penalty display bug has been fixed

Penalties now display automatically, without needing to refresh the page.

Upcoming Features

Add extra rounds

We want you to be able to run events that are as long or short as you want them to be. The "end event early" feature has gotten us halfway there. Next up, we're working on a feature to let you lengthen events by adding rounds.

See page updates without having to refresh

Our team is currently working on a big feature that will remove the need for users to refresh Eventlink to see updates. You'll see players attempting to join the event using the app and see match results reported by your staff in real time.

We know this has been an ongoing frustration for users, so we’ve started working on it ahead of schedule.

We've got plenty of features we're working to roll out soon, including late player entry, viewing prior round results, and the ability to fix result errors from completed rounds.

While you’re waiting for further fixes, make sure to check out the Magic: The Gathering Companion app. Your players can use the app to register for your events and input results. This will help them avoid missing your event’s start time and allow them to verify their results while they enter them.

Your feedback on Eventlink has been incredibly valuable. Understanding the challenges our users experience helps us make smarter decisions about what to work on next. We've been adjusting our delivery schedule to prioritize what's impacting you the most.

Thanks for helping us make the best Eventlink product we can during this alpha playtest! For more on how to use Eventlink, make sure to check out the FAQ here.

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