Feb 20, 2023 — March of the Machine, Featured

First Look for Retailers: March of the Machine

Check out the suite of special treatments and a mechanic coming with the last stand against the Phyrexians.

Feb 20, 2023 — March of the Machine, Featured

First Look for Retailers: March of the Machine

Check out the suite of special treatments and a mechanic coming with the last stand against the Phyrexians.

March of the Machine is the epic conclusion to the Phyrexian story arc, and we're kicking off the First Look with promos and a taste of what's to come.

Introducing Prerelease Promo Cards

At Prerelease, players will open their Prerelease Packs and find a second promo alongside their usual year-stamped foil promo card: one of three mechanically unique promo cards! Each Prerelease promo card is not Standard-legal, instead carrying the set code MOC, indicating they're legal for Commander instead.

Each of these special Prerelease promo cards may be found in nonfoil or foil, with the regular border or the appropriate Multiverse showcase treatment per card—which are from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, and Dominaria United respectively.

One important thing to keep in mind: as your players open their Prerelease Packs, they cannot count these promos as part of their Sealed pool. These promos are meant to be a bonus for coming to celebrate the set at your store.

Buy-a-Box Promo: Omnath, Locus of All

Your players will be ready for battle with the March of the Machine Buy-a-Box promo, Omnath, Locus of All. For some players in your community, this is the long-awaited 5-color version of Omnath, and they'll be eager to add it to their collection.

Players can receive a Buy-a-Box promos for an in-store purchase of the following sealed products:

  • Draft Boosters

  • Set Boosters

  • Jumpstart Boosters

  • Collector Boosters

Starting with The Brothers' War, all products are available to purchase at Prerelease in any quantity, meaning your players can get their hands on this promo as soon as April 14.

Planechase Returns

March of the Machine is taking the battle against the Phyrexians to every plane in the multiverse—and your players will be able to planeswalk right beside them with the return of Planechase cards.

Long -time Magic fans in your community may remember Planechase: we introduced the concept in 2009 with oversized cards that gave players the ability to walk across planes with the roll of a die. If the die landed on the chaos symbol, however, a special condition on the card would activate, affecting the game for every player involved.

Planechase cards are a fun way to shake up any two-player or multiplayer Magic game. One of our first Planechase cards, Isle of Vesuva, is returning for March of the Machine.

Along with reprinted Planechase cards, March of the Machine introduces new Planechase cards that expand the planes players can travel to. One of these that you can share right away is Towashi, on the plane of Kamigawa.

Share these cards and kickstart conversations within your community—and point your players to your event sign-ups to collect early preregistrations whenever you can.

Booster Fun Across the Multiverse

As if Planechase isn't thrilling enough, you can show off an early look at the Booster Fun to captivate your collectors. March of the Machine is bringing back special treatments from across the multiverse with Multiverse Legends; plus, we're adding new treatments for planes that previously didn't have a showcase treatment, such as Ravnica and Tarkir.

Notably, one of these new treatments is for the Ixalan plane, and the Multiverse Legend—Ghalta and Mavren—is the promo card included in the March of the Machine Bundle.

Returning special treatments from past sets will give you the opportunity to chat with players of all stripes—if you know which treatment is popular, you may be able to steer players to explore that product in full while they wait for March of the Machine Prerelease.

Take the first look of March of the Machine as the beginning of your marketing window for your events—make sure you've got your season scheduled on Wizards EventLink and start sharing details with your players right away!

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