Jun 13, 2015 — Social Media

How to Dramatically Improve Your Social Media Photos

3 strategies you can try right now

Jun 13, 2015 — Social Media

How to Dramatically Improve Your Social Media Photos

3 strategies you can try right now

Pictures are by far the best way to engage with your audience on social media.

They're processed 60,000 times faster than words and increase comprehension and retention, making it more likely that the audience will remember the message you want to send.

But simply flooding your social channel with images won't score you any new customers or loyalty points with your regulars.

Here are three strategies to help make your social media pictures really sell your store:

1. Post Well-Lit, High-Resolution Images

High-quality images excel at engaging viewers.

Take the highest resolution image possible, and make your pictures look professional by placing the subject either to the left or right third of the frame and removing extraneous clutter.

Blurry, dark images are a turn-off. So make sure your photos are in focus. Set up near a natural light source if possible. To go the extra mile, pay attention to your white balance.

Already overwhelmed? Recruit a regular to be your official store photographer!

2. Highlight a Variety of Images

Posting the same type of image over and over quickly becomes stale.

Mix it up with a variety of images: Wide shots of players enjoying an event, close shots of board-states or special snacks and prizes and so on.

Highlight moments in your store that will elicit a positive emotion in your players. Posting an image of just a logo or a product is simple but it can be less engaging than a live-action photo.

3. Include Engaging Captions

Ask a question or issue a challenge to your audience to spark conversation.

Whatever you write, keep it short. A short caption vastly increases the likelihood that viewers will read and engage with the post.

Why does engagement matter?

Engagement leads more people to recognize your business and, over time, to become loyal to it. Also, higher engagement means you'll be reaching more people, giving you more opportunities to market your store to potential new customers.

Use these strategies on your next post to start engaging your audience! You may earn a few new customers for your efforts and create a stronger bond with your regular customers!

By Jordan Comar

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