Mar 7, 2015 — Prerelease

How to Host an "Effortless" Prerelease

5 simple tips that will simply wow your Prerelease players and keep them coming back.

Mar 7, 2015 — Prerelease

How to Host an "Effortless" Prerelease

5 simple tips that will simply wow your Prerelease players and keep them coming back.

If you're looking to boost your customer base, start looking for ways to lower their effort: the Corporate Executive Board says 94% of consumers return to businesses that offer an "effortless experience," and 88% of those consumers spend more money.

So what does an "effortless experience" look like at a game store?

The Effortless Prerelease

Imagine a Prerelease, from your players' perspective, from beginning to end. What requires their effort, and how can you reduce that effort?

1. Buildup: Players are researching the new set, preregistering.
Reduce effort: Link them to Prerelease content on and other sites, reach out and offer preregistration personally.

Try this:

"Hi [player name],

We were glad to have you at [previous set name] Prerelease. If you'd like to join us for [upcoming set name], just reply to this message with your DCI number and your pack preference: [pack options].


[your name]"

2. Registration: Players are queuing up or creating a Wizards account.
Reduce effort: Open a "will call" line for preregistered players and set up a kiosk for account creation. Try putting the registration table deeper in your store, so if there is a line, it stays inside.

3. Deckbuilding: Tables are cluttering up, players are learning new cards.
Reduce effort: Pick up booster wrappers and other trash, deploy staff to comb the crowd for questions.

Tip: While picking up booster wrappers, grab some token cards. For the rest of the event, look for players using face-down cards and replace them with the tokens.

4. Early rounds: Players are reporting match results, storing personal items.
Reduce effort: Have multiple convenient places to deposit match slips, offer to check bags and coats. Having a certified judge on hand can really smooth things out.

5. Late rounds: Some players are getting hungry, some players are taking off. Reduce effort: Cater the event, have a permanently staffed "exit station" to quickly return checked items and issue rewards.

Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease starts March 21st. Start your prep now so that you can host an effortless event in your store!

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