Oct 27, 2022 — The Brothers' War, Prerelease

The Brothers' War Prerelease Planning Guide

Plan your Prerelease to take advantage of all the changes coming with The Brothers' War.

Oct 27, 2022 — The Brothers' War, Prerelease

The Brothers' War Prerelease Planning Guide

Plan your Prerelease to take advantage of all the changes coming with The Brothers' War.

We're only a few short weeks away from The Brothers' War Prerelease, where players will travel back in time to a historic battlefront filled with ancient artifacts and massive mechs.

It's never too early to begin planning your event, and today, we'll cover some important reminders and strategies to make your Prerelease epic.

Prerelease Early Sales Reminders

In case you missed it, The Brothers' War Prerelease is the start of a multiset test—WPN Retailers will have the exclusive ability to sell the full product suite during Prerelease Early Sales, from full boxes to single packs or even single cards!

Our promo pack policy has been modified, too: beginning with The Brothers' War, you may use promo packs from the new set starting at Prerelease, and to support Prerelease events. We still encourage all stores to plan how you'll use your promo packs throughout the entire season ahead of time—after all, your Prerelease has associated Set Booster Prize Support already!

All WPN stores will be able to sell both in-stores and online. With this change, the Buy-a-Box promo can no longer be included with shipments of online purchases and will no longer apply to the purchase of 6 Prerelease Packs.

You can pass out the Buy-a-Box promo to customers who purchase or pick up the following in-store:

  • Draft Booster Display

  • Set Booster Display

  • Set Jumpstart Booster Display

  • Collector Booster Display

Additionally, we are continuing the test we began with Streets of New Capenna. The Brothers' War Prerelease occurs before the set releases on Arena, making November 11 the first day your community will get a chance to play the set—only at their local game store. Plan your event in advance to make this your biggest Prerelease yet!

Create an Engaging Jumpstart Prerelease

Set Jumpstart began with Dominaria United, giving players a new way to hop in with the cards right at set release. The concept is simple: open two Jumpstart Boosters, shuffle the cards, and battle.

We introduced a new way to run Prerelease with Jumpstart Prerelease, and you'll have the opportunity to do it again for The Brothers' War. Jumpstart Prerelease is an ideal first Prerelease experience to allow new players to get comfortable with in-store play before hopping into Traditional Prerelease.

Jumpstart Prerelease also helps new players engage with epic Prerelease events at your store without worrying about perfecting their deckbuilding skills. Plus, engaged players in your community can use Jumpstart Boosters to pick up a quick game between rounds of Magic.

Celebrate with Traditional Prerelease

Plenty of your players will be eager to play The Brothers' War Prerelease the traditional way—and we encourage you to run traditional Prerelease for players who love it. The Brothers' War brings two different Prerelease packs for players to choose between: one design for each brother.

Please note that the only difference between the Mishra and Urza Prerelease Packs is the packaging design; no matter which brother your players choose , they will have regular The Brothers' War Draft Boosters to use to build their decks.

You may choose to run Jumpstart Prerelease and traditional Prerelease events in the same weekend, to allow both new players in your community and engaged fans to celebrate the new set release together.

As Jumpstart Boosters are filled entirely with cards from The Brothers' War, players who join a Jumpstart Prerelease can still battle against traditional Prerelease decks in casual matches between players participating in Player-List Only events . Structured Prerelease tournaments should include either entirely Jumpstart Prerelease players or entirely Sealed players.

Continue to report your Jumpstart Prerelease attendance separately from your traditional Prerelease attendance—apart from being a great way to measure the success of each type of event in your store, your number of documented players will influence your allocation of Set Booster Prizing product for each event.

Run Booster Drafts During Prerelease

All WPN stores can sell Draft Boosters during Prerelease, and now you can also run Booster Draft events! Unlike your events using Prerelease Packs, you do not have a designated allocation, nor is there a unique program paired with Draft Boosters: all you need to do is schedule your events as regular Booster Draft events during the week of Prerelease.

Booster Draft events you run during the week of Prerelease will count toward Tickets and Engaged Players but will not count toward your future Prerelease Pack allocations. Keep this in mind as you plan your week full of events!

The Brothers' War is on the horizon—don't miss this opportunity to make your Prerelease bigger and better than ever. Head over to Wizards EventLink today and get your Prerelease on the books.

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