Jun 3, 2024 — Modern Horizons 3

Modern Horizons 3 Product Overview

Get a high-level look at some of the notable products coming with Modern Horizons 3.

Jun 3, 2024 — Modern Horizons 3

Modern Horizons 3 Product Overview

Get a high-level look at some of the notable products coming with Modern Horizons 3.

Is your community buzzing with excitement over Modern Horizons 3? Prerelease begins this weekend, marking the moment your players can connect with their new forever favorite cards for Modern—and this week is your final push to schedule your events, promote them to your community, and review the product lineup so you're ready to answer any questions.

For an in-depth look at the best path for collecting all the goodies across the set, point interested staff (and players in your community) to the Collecting Modern Horizons 3 article on DailyMTG.

Additionally, our Modern Horizons 3 product pages are great resources for you to review top-level contents for each product; plus, you can download relevant marketing materials while you're there.

Notable Products for Modern Horizons 3

Collector's Edition Commander Decks

For the first time, Commander is being introduced to a Modern Horizons release with Modern Horizons 3. These new Commander products are designed to be powerful additions to the Commander table, with 15 new-to-Magic cards in each deck.

The Commander cards in Modern Horizons 3 are not Modern-legal, but hopefully the powerful theming of each deck sparks interest for your Commander community to give them a try.

Each of the four Modern Horizons 3 Commander Decks has a Collector's Edition—and each Collector's Edition Commander Deck features a gleaming Ripple Foil laminate on every card in the deck. For your players who love to show up to their Commander nights with the shiniest deck of the pod, this product is for them.

Along with the shimmery new foil treatment, Modern Horizons 3 Collector's Edition Commander Decks feature each deck's face commander and featured commander in the same color identity with the Borderless Profile treatment fans may remember from Commander Masters.

Bundle: Gift Edition (Releasing June 28, 2024)

Packed with goodies to celebrate Modern Horizons 3 in style, the Bundle: Gift Edition is a great option for players in your community hoping to get their hands a little bit of everything right in one box. Inside they'll find 9 Modern Horizons 3 Play Boosters, plus a Modern Horizons 3 Collector Booster to get some extra flair into their collection.

Modern Horizons 3 Bundle: Gift Edition

Along with other premium goodies, the Bundle: Gift Edition contains 15 traditional foil basic lands (5 with full art), and 15 nonfoil basic lands (5 with full art). Whether they're diving into the set to collect or want to build a Modern-format deck out of the box, this product makes an extra-special gift for Magic fans in your community.

Guiding Interested Players to the Right Product

The above are just two products from the full suite that Modern Horizons 3 brings to your store's shelves. While you may have long-time Magic fans who know exactly what they want, knowing where to direct players who may not have picked up a Magic set for some time can help them jump back into the fray with ease.

For Limited Format Fans: Prerelease Packs

Prerelease, beyond being the celebration that starts off each set's season, is an ideal place for players to explore the set with the added challenge of building a deck using only what they open from their Play Boosters.

Prerelease Packs have a deck box for easy card storage, plus a Spindown die counter that players can use to track their life points when they go toe-to-toe with an opponent.

For Players Who Can't Get Enough Commander: Commander Decks (and Collector's Edition Commander Decks)

Commander brings players together for a night of social fun, and fans of the format will be pleased to know they can still enjoy the hype of Modern Horizons 3 by picking up one of the four Commander Decks. Direct them to either edition depending on whether they're after the incredible Ripple Foil treatment or just want a new and powerful deck to add to their collection.

For Draft Fans: Play Boosters and Displays

Booster Draft is a beloved way to play for many players, and Modern Horizons 3 brings a splash of high-profile reprints and powerful cards into Modern, making the Draft environment exciting for both experienced players and players who are coming back to Draft for the first time in a while.

A full display of Play Boosters supports one full pod of 8 Draft players, leaving 12 packs left in the display box for players in the pod to distribute (or battle each other for) as they wish.

For Booster Fun Enthusiasts: Collector Boosters and Displays

Whether players are building a binder of shimmering cards or upgrading favorites from their Modern deck, Modern Horizons 3 Collector Boosters are an incredible product to get players connected to the coolest cards in the set.

Inside a Modern Horizons 3 Collector Booster, players can find a variety of Booster Fun treatments, including Borderless Concept cards, Borderless Profile cards, or the striking frame break treatment.

For Gift-Givers and Magic Superfans: Bundle or Bundle: Gift Edition

The Bundle is a great gift for any Magic superfan who visits your store—or even a newer player looking to flesh out their collection. Bundles contain a little bit of everything to build and refine players' favorite decks, plus an oversized Spindown life counter themed after the set.

Of course, the Bundle: Gift Edition discussed above is ideal for interested consumers or folks seeking that perfect gift for the Magic fan in their life.

We hope you and your staff are prepared for an incredible beginning to a summer stacked with events. Remember: if you haven't scheduled your Modern Horizons 3 season events now, don't wait another minute—go to Wizards EventLink and schedule today.

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