Dec 12, 2015

New WPN Level Requirements

We're updating the total event requirement for Core and Advanced level stores.

Dec 12, 2015

New WPN Level Requirements

We're updating the total event requirement for Core and Advanced level stores.

In an effort to better reflect the scope and strength of today's WPN, we'll be increasing the total event requirement for Core and Advanced level.

These changes are effective immediately to reach Core and Advanced level. But existing Core and Advanced stores who are not yet meeting these requirements will have until December 2016 in order to maintain their level.

(Advanced Plus level will not be impacted.)

New Total Event Requirement


Report at least 24 Events**


Report at least 48 Events**

**For preceding 12 months.

This change allows us to pass the benefits of the Wizards Play Network on to stores that do the most to build community by regularly offering great experiences to their players.

What Does This Mean for Your Store?

Most WPN stores are already hitting this requirement. If you're one of them, all you have to do is keep it up.

These changes are effective immediately, so Core and Gateway stores will need to meet them before leveling up.

To avoid leveling down, stores must reach this event requirement by December 2016, at which point we’ll adjust levels according to the new metrics. Please note that you must meet the new Core level metrics by that time in order to remain in the WPN.

Additionally, new WPN stores must meet the Core level requirements within twelve months of being accepted into the WPN in order to continue their membership in the WPN.

Don't Know Where You Stand?

Check the monthly email you get from us, containing all your play metrics. (If you have not been receiving this email, contact your Retail Support representative.)

A store can easily meet the Advanced level's total event requirement by running just one FNM a week.

Need advice? Check the articles section of our site for inspiration from other WPN stores and contact us with any questions.

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