Dec 12, 2023 — Ravnica Remastered, In-Store Play

Ravnica Remastered Launch Party & Preview Event Planning Guide

Herald your players' return to one of the Multiverse's iconic planes with Ravnica Remastered Launch Party and WPN Premium Preview events.

Dec 12, 2023 — Ravnica Remastered, In-Store Play

Ravnica Remastered Launch Party & Preview Event Planning Guide

Herald your players' return to one of the Multiverse's iconic planes with Ravnica Remastered Launch Party and WPN Premium Preview events.

Bringing the best of Ravnica to the table, Ravnica Remastered is set for release on January 12. All WPN stores will receive promo support for Launch Party events that can be scheduled from January 12 – 14.

Eligible WPN Premium stores will receive enough promos to support their Launch Party, plus their exclusive WPN Premium Preview events happening between January 5 – 11.

The Dragon is Back: Niv-Mizzet, The Firemind

You received a quantity of the Ravnica Remastered promo Niv-Mizzet, The Firemind alongside your promo materials for The Lost Caverns of Ixalan. Players can obtain a copy of this promo by participating in a Ravnica Remastered Launch Party or WPN Premium Preview Event, while supplies last.

WPN Premium stores will receive an additional allocation of promos for their Preview events.

Bring the City of Guilds to Your Community

Ravnica's guilds are what make the plane so special to its fans. Players at every level can find a guild that resonates with them. They also give you, the tournament organizer, a unique opportunity to lean into these events’ theme!

Here are 10 tips to emphasize the guilds at your Launch Party event:

  • Decorate your play space to match the aesthetics of each guild—this can bring your Launch Party to the next level of immersion.
  • Give players "membership cards" for their chosen guild; you may even use such cards to track repeat play for players.
  • Hold a costume/cosplay contest with several categories to encourage players to get into the spirit of the plane with color-coordinated clothes.
  • Using the Launch Party as a kickoff to a Sealed league where players earn points for their guild by winning games, with the winning guild receiving a prize or trophy at the end of the league.
  • Do your players enjoy Two-Headed Giant? Lean into that with themed events, pitting guilds against one another for prizes.
  • If your store has a café or restaurant element, consider coming up with Ravnica-themed snacks like: Tin Street Tater Tots, New Prahv Nachos, or Korozda Kebobs.
  • Consider creating a guild points system to reward positive community impact. If an experienced player mentors a new or returning player, you may give that mentor’s guild 10 points (and give both players a Bring-a-Friend Promo).
  • Use the Launch Party to advertise other Ravnica-themed events to encourage repeat play practices.
  • Set up a themed craft station where players can make wonderful works of art to pay tribute to their preferred guild.
  • For some crossover potential with your TTRPG players, you might consider announcing an in-store D&D campaign using the Krenko's Way adventure found in The Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica.

All Launch Party and Preview Events must be run using either Sealed or Draft formats. Choose the format that works best with your community’s taste and competitiveness level. For new or returning players Sealed may be best; while competitive communities may enjoy the strategy of a Booster Draft event.

All WPN stores will receive an allocation of Ravnica Remastered Draft Boosters to run their events, with WPN Premium stores receiving an increased allocation to cover Preview Events. At preview events, Ravnica Remastered product may only be used as event materials and prizing; sealed product sales must wait until the release date on January 12.

Master the Return to Metrics

Starting March 1, 2024, snapshot metrics will no longer be used to determine your Prerelease or promo allocations Events like the Ravnica Remastered Launch Party or WPN Premium Preview Event are great opportunities to boost your metrics and elevate your store to the next level of promo allocations.

A great way to boost your Engaged Players is to register players using their Wizards Account. Many times, new account sign-up may not be needed. If a player plays Arena or has previously purchased a Secret Lair, they already have a Wizards Account to use for events. All you need to do is ask your players to provide their Wizards Account email when registering for an event.

If the player has the Magic: The Gathering Companion App, registration is even simpler for you. They can join the event lobby from their own personal device and then you can add them when they show up with a couple easy clicks.

The sooner your Ravnica Remastered event is scheduled, the sooner players will be able to preregister. Head to Wizards EventLink to get your event posted for your community to see! Don’t forget to start advertising using our downloadable marketing materials with plenty of time to capture your community's interest.

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