Jul 28, 2023 — Wilds of Eldraine, Featured

Retailer First Look: Wilds of Eldraine

Get caught up on the first cards and treatments shown for Wilds of Eldraine.

Jul 28, 2023 — Wilds of Eldraine, Featured

Retailer First Look: Wilds of Eldraine

Get caught up on the first cards and treatments shown for Wilds of Eldraine.

Wilds of Eldraine returns your community to the fairytale-inspired, whimsical plane of Eldraine that they know and love—this time, with a twist. As the dust from the Phyrexian invasion settles, your players will find Eldraine is afflicted with The Wicked Slumber, which has driven many of the plane's denizens into a deep sleep that no one can wake them from.

Take in the breathtaking first look reveals and bring the discussion to your community to get them eager to venture beyond castle walls and into the Wilds.

Share Shadowy, Whimsical Showcase Basic Lands

With enchanting shadowbox art by Hari & Deepti, the Full-Art Showcase Basic Lands for Wilds of Eldraine captures the foreboding depths of the Wilds while capturing the whimsy present throughout the plane.

Full-Art Basic Lands may be found in Draft, Set, or Collector Boosters; take the opportunity to guide interested players to pre-order products from your store.

Captivate Your Community with Enchanting Tales

Beyond the basic lands, your players will find another enchanting addition coming with Wilds of Eldraine—Enchanting Tales. Enchanting Tales brings 63 of the top Enchantment cards from Magic's history, reprinted with a fantastical frame.

More Enchanting Tales will be previewed later, but it's never too early to start sharing these cards with your players—and be sure to let your community know they can find one in every Wilds of Eldraine Booster. Enchanted Tales will be legal in Limited formats but will not be Standard legal.

Celebrate the Return of Showcase Adventure Frames

One of the most beloved elements of Eldraine is its intrinsic tie to fairytales; the inspiration drawn from both characters and their stories touches every part of the set, from the art to the mechanics. Adventure is a returning mechanic to Wilds of Eldraine, and with it comes a Showcase Adventure frame.

Spark Interest with Borderless Art Cards

Long-time Magic fans in your community are likely already familiar with Borderless Art cards, but it is still important to share them as you generate early conversations about the set in your community—especially when the cards in question feature a character that players may be interested in, such as the Planeswalker Ashiok, Wicked Manipulator.

Cast Stunning Confetti Foil Spells with Anime-Inspired Art

A selection of the Enchanting Tales Bonus Sheet cards will feature alternate art in an anime-inspired art style. These cards can be found in Draft, Set, and Collector Boosters in English and Japanese. In addition, Anime Borderless Enchanting Tales cards found in Collector Boosters may have the Confetti Foil treatment—this treatment will also only be found on English and Japanese cards, and will add a shimmering sparkle to your players' decks.

For even more details about the cards shown so far for Wilds of Eldraine, you can always check out the Magic website's articles. As you dive into your own marketing plans, be sure to have Wizards EventLink filled with your events to drive players to preregister.

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