Apr 13, 2021 — WPN Premium

Solving 3 Common WPN Premium Challenges

See examples of WPN Premium merchandizing, marketing materials, and tables and chairs.

Apr 13, 2021 — WPN Premium

Solving 3 Common WPN Premium Challenges

See examples of WPN Premium merchandizing, marketing materials, and tables and chairs.

All the items on the WPN Premium Quality Checklist work together to create that best-game-store-in-the-world atmosphere—and, while they're all important, we've found that a few checklist items make the biggest impact towards WPN Premium.

If you're pursing WPN Premium, start your improvements in these three areas:

  • Merchandising
  • Marketing Materials
  • Tables and Chairs

There's not one look for all WPN Premium stores, but these examples of effective merchandising, marketing materials, and seating from WPN Premium stores are a great place to look for inspiration.

Merchandising—Game Haven in Bountiful, Utah

Good merchandizing helps customers understand what you're selling—it's well-organized, easy to browse, and shows the relationships between products. And customers who understand your products are a lot more likely to buy them.

Game Haven - Bountiful's Magic merchandizing before (top) and after (above).

Game Haven - Bountiful's Magic merchandizing is clearly organized—the bottom shelf contains older product in chronological order, the middle holds the current Standard products in chronological order, and the top displays ancillary products like Commander Legends and Challenger Decks.

Additionally, their new open shelves allow greater product visibility for easier browsing.

Marketing Materials—Kessel Run Games in Ottawa, Ontario

Showing off your store's unique brand makes a huge impact in a store's success while working towards Premium. Advertising your products is important, but it shouldn't overshadow your store's individual look.

Kessel Run Games' use of Magic marketing materials before (top) and after (above).

Kessel Run Games has a strong brand identity—purple accents, hyperspace graphics, and themed framed posters bring their brand together neatly in the play area.

Before, the abundance of different marketing materials diluted the store's brand and made it difficult to recognize. Removing the Ravnica guild banners from the space gave their distinctive look room to shine.

Tables and Chairs—The Upkeep Games in Howell, Michigan

Tables and chairs are a massive part of the game store experience—when players are participating in an in-store event, they spend most of their time with these fixtures. They need to be sturdy, comfortable, and in line with the needs of your community.

The Upkeep Games tables and chairs before (top) and after (above).

The Upkeep Games went above and beyond to get tables that not only worked well with their brand but were also modular to suit all their communities.

Tables with adjustable heights, like these, can be used for games like Magic as well as other tabletop and strategy-based games that require standing or frequent movement.

These examples are far from the only ways to tackle WPN Premium requirements—there are so many ways to be a Premium store, after all! We'll have even more WPN-Premium-approved examples of these requirements (and others!) coming soon.

In the meantime, talk to your Retail Development Specialist about what will best suit your store and start your Path to Premium today!

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