Sep 10, 2020 — WPN Premium, Marketing Materials

UPDATED: Reach Premium by 10/12, Get a Life-Sized Chandra Statue

Earn one of the most requested WPN Premium perks by reaching Premium by 10/12—and see what other benefits you can earn by reaching Premium this year.

Sep 10, 2020 — WPN Premium, Marketing Materials

UPDATED: Reach Premium by 10/12, Get a Life-Sized Chandra Statue

Earn one of the most requested WPN Premium perks by reaching Premium by 10/12—and see what other benefits you can earn by reaching Premium this year.

Back in January, we promised that big things are coming to Premium in 2020—and we aim to deliver on that promise. As the WPN Premium program evolves, so do our ideas on what makes a world-class game store experience. These exclusive offerings can help you give your customers just that.

Here are all the perks you can earn by reaching Premium this year—and how much time you have to do it.

Evergreen: Magic LED sign, Magic poster snap frame, WPN Premium plaque, weekly Magic event calendar, available materials from previous releases, opportunity to participate in exclusive tests

September 28: Five copies of Secret Lair April Fools

October 1: All-foil Commander Collection: Green

The 7th of Every Month: Double Secret Lair drops when you turn in your accurate POS data on time

October 12: Magic wall treatment or Chandra statue

Don't forget: you don't need to check every box on the Premium Checklist yet to apply for Premium. Your Retail Development Specialist can help you finish missing items so you can grab these amazing benefits.

Let's dive into the details.

Evergreen Materials

When you make WPN Premium, you earn the right to show it off a little. All new Premium members get the following Premium-exclusive loot to decorate their store.

Magic LED Sign

Magic Poster Snap Frame

WPN Premium Plaque

Weekly Magic Event Calendar

Available Materials from Previous Releases

While supplies last, you'll also earn some past set-specific Premium marketing materials, like this foil standee for Throne of Eldraine and these clings for Theros Beyond Death.

There's a limited number left, and once they're gone, they're gone. If you're considering going for Premium, get started today or you might miss out!

Opportunity to Participate in Exclusive Tests

Once you've reached Premium, you'll have the opportunity to participate in Premium-exclusive tests.

For example, during Theros Beyond Death and Core Set 2021, we ran a limited test where digital ads pointed to WPN members' online stores, encouraging customers to purchase a full booster box. We're expanding this test to include more Premium members for Zendikar Rising.

While these perks don't have an official deadline, the sooner you reach Premium, the sooner you can start taking advantage of the benefits!

Reach Premium by September 28 for Five Copies of Secret Lair: April Fools

All WPN members will receive a copy of Secret Lair: April Fools, but Premium stores will get five copies. This deadline is coming up soon, so start working with your specialist today to check off any remaining boxes!

Reach Premium by October 1 for All-Foil Commander Collection: Green

You probably remember Commander Collection: Green from the Premium perks announcement back in January.

If not, here's a quick refresher. It's a collection of Commander reprints, all staples, all green—full of mana acceleration, giant beasts, and all sorts of things that are extra fun for Commander. It'll be available to all WPN members, but only Premium members have access to an all-foil version to sell.

Due to production delays, Commander Collection: Green's original lock date has been pushed back. But that's not all bad news. It means you have more time to qualify for that all-foil version by reaching Premium. Get there by October 1 to qualify!

Reach Premium and Turn in Accurate POS Data by the 7th of Every Month for Double Select Secret Lair Drops

This one is slightly complicated, but the reward is worth it, so bear with us:

Once you reach Premium, your POS data is due on the 7th of each month. Stores that are already Premium that submit their September, October, and November POS data accurately and on time will get double the Secret Lair drops!

But you're not disqualified if you don't reach Premium in time to turn in your September data! If you reach Premium during October or November, you'll still be eligible for this perk—just send in your correct POS data on time once you've qualified.

It's ongoing, too—keep sending in your POS data once you reach Premium and you'll keep seeing twice as much Secret Lair!

Your selection of Secret Lair will arrive with the winter release’s promo packs.

Reach Premium by October 12 for an MTG Wall Treatment or Chandra Statue

Earn Premium by 10/12 to receive your choice of a Magic wall treatment or Chandra statue.

These Magic-themed wall treatments fit with a wide variety of branding and design choices and are sure to make your walls pop.

When we surveyed WPN members on the Premium benefits they'd like to see, a statue was one of the top choices. And at 67.5" tall, Chandra will make quite an impression! She can keep watch over your play space, guard your gondolas, or take on any other task that's fit for a nearly-life-sized planeswalker.

If you're excited to put one of these in your store, start working towards Premium today—the deadline to earn your choice of these Premium goodies is 10/12! Shipments will vary by region, but once you meet the deadline, you should receive your wall treatment or statue by early 2021.

Go here to start working toward Premium today.

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