Disqualification Reports Moved to WPN.Wizards.com

Disqualification Reports Moved to WPN.Wizards.com

September 4, 2019 | 2 min to read

Going forward, tournament organizers will report player disqualifications through the Wizards Play Network website. Here’s how to disqualify a player and report it to Wizards.

1. Disqualify the player in WER.

Before filing a report, you’ll want to disqualify the player in Wizards Event Reporter.

This process remains as it was. You can disqualify players using the WER just as you have in the past.

  1. Go to the “penalties” tab within the event in WER.
  2. Click on the “new” button. The Penalty Entry pop-up will appear.
  3. Select the player you need to DQ and what round to DQ them in.
  4. Fill out the drop downs
  5. Click save
  6. Click "yes" to drop player (if the player has left or been removed from the event)

It’s easiest to disqualify a player prior to event submission. You can disqualify the player after submitting the event, but you’ll have to reopen the event to do so.

2. Submit a report on WPN.Wizards.com.

Next, file a report on WPN.Wizards.com.

  1. Go to WPN.Wizards.com and scroll down to "Contact Us."
  2. Choose "click here to email us" and log into your Organized Play Account.
  3. Choose "Email Us" and select "Disqualification Form."
  4. Fill in all the information listed on the form (including player statements).
  5. Choose "Submit."

(You can also bookmark this link to go straight to the Disqualification Form for future disqualifications.)

Now the player has been officially disqualified and the report officially filed.

Before we get to the last step, a quick note on player statements.

Ask for a statement from the player at the time of the disqualification. That way, you’ll have it when filling out the report. If players don’t give a statement, encourage them to email one to Investigations@Wizards.com as soon as possible.

3. Print out disqualification FAQ sheets

Finally, give the disqualified player a copy of the Disqualification FAQ. You’ll find this sheet under Resources -> Rules and Documents.

Print and distribute it to disqualified players to help answer any questions about their status.

The easiest way to handle disqualifications is to both disqualify in the WER and file the report as quickly as possible. If you don’t file the report, our Investigations team will follow up with you.

If you have any questions about the new disqualification reporting process, contact your local support team.


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