Modern Horizons 2: All the Dates and Scheduling Info You Need

March 8, 2021 | 3 min to read

Scheduling is now open for Modern Horizons 2, with more of what Modern, Commander, and Legacy players loved from Modern Horizons: more powerful cards, more throwbacks, and more mechanics!

Here are all the important dates for Modern Horizons 2 and what you need to know when you schedule Prerelease—scheduling is now open, so schedule your Modern Horizons 2 Prerelease now!

Important Dates

Scheduling Opens: March 8 (now open!)

Wizards Event Reporter Decommission: March 23

Distributor Selection Deadline: March 26

WPN Premium Deadline: March 26

Marketing Kits Delivered (North America and Latin America): May 3

Digital Marketing Assets Available: May 6

Promo Cards Delivered: May 28–June 2

Marketing Kits Delivered (Europe, Japan, and Asia-Pacific): May 28–June 2

Prerelease: June 11–June 17

Release: June 18

WPN Premium Deadline: Reach Premium by March 26 for Increased Allocation of Prerelease Early Sale Promotion Product and More

  • Deadline for designation is March 26

  • Get increased Prerelease Early Sale Promotion product for MH2

  • Sell MH2 Collector Booster displays during Prerelease

Loads of WPN Premium benefits are in the works for 2021—all based on your responses to our "WPN Premium in 2021" survey. We're kicking off the year with a popular benefit request: increased product allocations.

Reach Premium by March 26 to receive an increased allocation of Prerelease Early Sale Promotion product for Modern Horizons 2—more detail on those products below.

Reaching Premium by the deadline also means you'll also be able to sell Modern Horizons 2 Collector Booster displays during Prerelease week—talk to your Retail Development Specialist about Premium today to start working towards these benefits.

Prerelease Allocations: Prerelease Packs and Participation Promos

  • MH2 is the first non-Standard set with Prerelease Packs

  • Allocations are based on reduced percentage of past Prerelease attendance

  • Prerelease Packs include a Participation Promo, as usual

Modern Horizons 2 will have Prerelease Packs—a first for a non-Standard set!

Your Prerelease allocation is based on a reduced percentage of past Prerelease attendance at KHM, ZNR, or THB—whichever is highest.

Players may use the Participation Promo included in their Prerelease Pack in their Sealed pool, just like they can for Standard Prereleases.

Prerelease: Week-long Globally, Start at 3PM Local Time

  • Check our Monthly In-Store Play Updates for changes in in-store play policies

  • At-Home and Webcam Prerelease are available globally

  • All Prerelease events start at 3PM local time, Friday, June 11

With in-store play temporarily suspended in many regions, most stores will only find At-Home and Webcam Prerelease available in EventLink. To help accommodate players' schedules, they're available all week starting at 3PM on Friday, June 11.

That same date and time apply to regions where in-store play is available, and organizers can limit the number of people in their store at any given time by scheduling as many events as they need.

Remote Play: Webcam Events via SpellTable Beta Available Globally

  • All retailers can choose to host At-Home and/or Webcam Prereleases

  • All retailers can use SpellTable beta for your Webcam Prereleases

Retailers in all regions can choose to host online events through EventLink, even if in-store play is available in your region.

SpellTable beta is available for Webcam Prereleases. In case you missed it, SpellTable beta is the first website designed and built solely for playing paper Magic remotely, and it's a great tool for runni ng any Webcam events.

Prerelease Early Sale Promotion and Buy-a-Box Promo: Prerelease Early Sale Promotion (PESP) Boxes vary by region

  • Sell full boxes and Prerelease Packs only June 11–June 17

  • Prerelease Early Sale boxes vary by region

  • Prerelease Early Sale boxes are also used for event prizing

  • Give one Buy-a-Box Promo for each Prerelease Early Sale box and group of 6 Prerelease Packs during Prerelease

  • Give one Buy-a-Box Promo for each purchase of select items after Prerelease

You can sell the Prerelease Early Sale Promotion products listed below and Prerelease Packs for the entire week of Prerelease, from when your store opens on June 11 through June 17. Individual packs from any leftover early sale boxes can be sold on or after the set release day.

You may continue shipping Prerelease Early Sale products with an expected delivery date of Prerelease, June 11.

The Prerelease Early Sale Promotion product varies by region:

North America: Set Boosters

Brazil: Draft Boosters

Latin America (Excluding Brazil): English Set Boosters

Korea & Taiwan: Draft Boosters

Asia Pacific (Excluding Korea and Taiwan): Set Boosters

Japan: Set Boosters

Europe (German, English, or French): Set Boosters

Europe (Spanish, Russian, or Italian): Half Draft Boosters and Half English Set Boosters

All Prerelease Early Sale Promotion products are in the local language unless stated otherwise.

Expect a smaller allocation of Prerelease Early Sale Promotion boxes than you would see for a Standard set. WPN Premium members will receive an increased allocation.

Please note that your allocation of Prerelease Early Sale Promotion boxes for Modern Horizons 2 is also for event prizing.

Provide one Buy-a-Box Promo for the sale of each:

  • Set Booster Display

  • Draft Booster Display

  • Collector Booster Display

  • Group of 6 Prerelease Packs

Your allocation of Buy-a-Box Promos will be more than your allocation of Prerelease Early Sale Promotion boxes—continue to use your Buy-a-Box Promos for sales of the above products after Prerelease has ended.

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