[Video & Resources] Prep Your Players for SpellTable Beta

[Video & Resources] Prep Your Players for SpellTable Beta

March 2, 2021 | 7 min to read

As you've probably heard, SpellTable beta is the first website designed and built solely for playing paper Magic remotely—it's also the simplest way to set up and run remote paper Magic events for your community.

SpellTable beta's clear-cut features, such as native voice and video chat, built-in card identification, and damage trackers make it players' first choice for webcam Magic—and knowing how to use it will keep your community coming back for more of your webcam events.

SpellTable Beta Resources for WPN Members

Use these SpellTable beta resources to familiarize yourself with the new remote Magic tool and share them with your players so they'll be ready to dive right in to your first SpellTable event.

SpellTable Beta Tutorial Video

In case you missed it, this video from Gavin Verhey on Good Morning Magic is a great breakdown of how to join a SpellTable beta event and how to use its in-game features.

We recommend watching and posting it in your Discord as a SpellTable beta tutorial for your players.


How to Play Magic on SpellTable Beta

You can copy and paste the following box of instructions into your Discord before any SpellTable beta events to help new players get set up before the event begins.

What You Need for a SpellTable Beta Game

How to Play in a SpellTable Beta Game

How to Use Your Phone as a Webcam on SpellTable Beta

  1. Log in to SpellTable on your computer. If you are in the Lobby, click "Configure Inputs." If you are in a game already, click the gear icon in the left game bar and click "Configure Inputs."

  2. In the settings, check "Use mobile device as webcam."

  3. Once you have joined a game on your computer, go on to your phone and navigate to the same game URL in your mobile browser.

  4. On your phone, log in with the same account that you joined the game with on your computer.

That’s it! Once the phone loads up the game, your video should stream from the camera on your phone.

Because phones can have multiple cameras, you might need to select the right one. To do that, use the video input dropdown in the "Configure Inputs" dialog.

Stay tuned for more information on SpellTable beta this week, including SpellTable beta events by Wizards coming soon!


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