Welcome Glitz and Glamour: Streets of New Capenna Set Release

Welcome Glitz and Glamour: Streets of New Capenna Set Release

February 24, 2022 | 2 min to read

The next Magic: The Gathering set release ushers in the gilded age and the glitz kicks off on April 29. In Streets of New Capenna, five powerful families are vying for control over the city. Your players will have to pick a side: and your early marketing efforts will guide them to their decision.

This release Streets of New Capenna will hit your store's shelves before the set releases on either Magic: The Gathering Arena or Magic: The Gathering Online. Your store will be the go-to place for your community to experience each of the families at Prerelease—whether it's in-store or online.

In preparation, we're sharing the dates you'll need to make sure your calendar is full of opportunities for players to get familiar with their favored family and achieve greatness in a brand-new plane. In New Capenna, family means business: use this list to build your event schedule.

Scheduling Opens: March 3

Wave 1 Digital Marketing Assets Available: March 3

Marketing Kit Delivery, North America and Latin America: Beginning March 23

Secret Lair Drop WPN Premium Deadline: April 7

Marketing Kit Delivery, Europe and Asia Pacific: Beginning April 18

Prerelease: April 22–28

Set Release: April 29

Launch Party: April 29–May 1

Commander Launch Party: April 29–May 8

Friday Night Magic: April 29–August 26

Commander Nights: May 2–September 1

Streets of New Capenna Game Day: May 7–15

Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate Set Release: June 10

Store Championship: July 9–17

*All delivery dates in the above list are estimates and subject to change.

Scheduling your events in advance gives your players more than enough time to prepare to set aside time to attend. Plus, scheduling early makes it easier for players to find you through the Store & Event Locator.

Whether you're planning to host events in-store or virtually, use Wizards EventLink to get everything you need on the books. Start scheduling today and stay tuned for more information about this mysterious city full of grit and glamour.


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