Before You Schedule Battlebond Events. . .

Before You Schedule Battlebond Events. . .

March 19, 2018 | 2 min to read

Sign up now for Battlebond Preview Events and Launch Party!

A bit about the set: once a year we do what we call a "Draft Innovation" SKU. Think Conspiracy or Unstable—something that turns traditional drafting on its head. Battlebond is meant for Two-Headed Giant, with cards and flavor and mechanics that fit that theme.

Beyond that, details are scarce as we gear up for Dominaria. But here are a few things to know before you sign up:

1. Preview Events show as "Prerelease" in WER.

Preview Events are a chance to run Battlebond early and get the product into players' hands before it goes on sale online and in stores outside of the WPN.

While Preview Events show as "Prerelease" in WER, they're a little different. Preview Events are just that: a chance to preview the set. Unlike Prerelease, they are run with normal booster product, and prizing is entirely at the store's discretion.

Once the scheduling window closes, your events will be renamed "Preview Event: Battlebond."

2. Launch Party Promos will be two-card packs.

There are twenty-two promos, some with alternate art and all with foil treatment, and they come in two-card packs. The card pairs will interact with one another, and they will go in players' decks. You'll see what we mean closer to release.

Core stores get 16 packs (32 cards total); Advanced and Advanced Plus get 32 (64 cards). You'll issue one pack to each to each team.

Which brings me to:

3. Players will sign up in teams of two.

For both Preview Events and Launch Party, players will battle in teams. When you open up preregistration, make sure it's clear: this set is all about Two-Headed Giant, and players will want to register in teams of two if they can.

We're hoping to see a lot of experienced players team up with their less-experienced friends. Previous Innovation SKUs represented a pretty daunting experience for the slightly-less-enfranchised. Battlebond hopes to correct that: players will make all decisions together, from drafting to building to battling.

4. Preview Events are Sealed only. Launch Party is Booster Draft or Sealed.

Both are great. R&D knew a lot of stores would prefer to run Sealed, so they designed it in a way that protects the Sealed experience. Most of the unique mechanics—the main selling point of the play experience—are agnostic to the format, so long as it's Two-Headed Giant.

In fact, Sealed may be the better choice for Launch Party, too. Sealed offers a friendlier introduction to the set than a Booster Draft, especially for less-enfranchised players.

5. It takes place on a new plane: Kylem.

Specifically, an arena called Valor's Reach, where competitors battle in teams of two. And like any good spectator sport, the goal isn't just to win, but to look good doing it. Style points count.

Scheduling is open until April 9. Sign up now!


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