May 26, 2021 — Modern Horizons 2, Marketing Materials

3 Ways to Advertise Modern Horizons 2

In-store, online, and on social media—boost your sales of Modern Horizons 2 with strategic marketing materials.

May 26, 2021 — Modern Horizons 2, Marketing Materials

3 Ways to Advertise Modern Horizons 2

In-store, online, and on social media—boost your sales of Modern Horizons 2 with strategic marketing materials.

Modern Horizons 2 brings new cards designed just for Modern, exciting reprints that are great for Commander and Legacy, and it's the first set where in-store play is available at Prerelease in the U.S. and Africa.

All those factors mean we expect Modern Horizons 2 to be our biggest Magic set yet, and we're here to help you make the most of it. Your customers will want it, so make sure they are getting it from you!

Start advertising Modern Horizons 2 in your brick-and-mortar store, on your online product listings, and on social media now with these marketing materials to sell the most Modern Horizons 2 possible.

Let's start in your store.

1. Display Modern Horizons 2 In Your Store: Fetch Land Posters, Key Art Poster, and Buy-a-Box Poster

If your store is in the U.S. Modern Horizons 2 marks the return of in-store play and the kickoff to the Love Your Local Game Store Promotion.

As customers begin to return to in-store safely in regions where play is allowed, you'll have more eyes on your in-store marketing. And even if you aren't hosting events yet, displaying these assets in your store ensures your customers that do shop in person know they can get Modern Horizons 2 from you.

Download these gorgeous fetch land oversized art pieces to decorate your shop and advertise some of the most sought-after cards in the set.

Once you deck out your brick-and-mortar store in fetch lands, it's time to tackle your online store.

2. Showcase Modern Horizons 2 Through Your Online Store: Product Shots, Set Symbols, and Online Storefront Assets

While some customers will be eager to return to stores soon, plenty are still shopping and gathering information online. Meet them where they are with this set of Modern Horizons 2 digital marketing assets designed for your online store.

Online Storefront Assets in English, German, French, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish

If you're selling Magic online, these assets are a must-have.

Thanks to your valuable feedback, we've streamlined these assets to highlight the most critical parts of an online product listing:

  • Product descriptions, including contents of each product
  • Product shots

Just download a single .zip file and you'll have all you need to set up your online store for Modern Horizons 2.

Product Shots

Studies show that customers are more likely to make a purchase online when the listing has high-quality images—that's what you'll get with these product shots. Add them to all your product listings to boost your online sales.

Once you're ready to sell in-store and online, it's time to move your advertising directly to your community.

3. Amplify Modern Horizons 2 Through Social Media

Just like customers being more likely to purchase an item with product shots, your community is much more likely to engage with social media posts with images—add these images to all your Modern Horizons 2 posts!

Key Art Social Media Assets, and Animated Assets

It's hard to imagine your customers scrolling past the striking key art. If you're talking about Modern Horizons 2 on social media, add one of these images to the post to see more engagement from your customers.

Buy-a-Box Card Image, Social Media Assets, and Animated Assets

Advertise the Modern Horizons 2 Buy-a-Box card, Sanctum Prelate, so all your customers know the only way to get their hands on this sought-after card is to buy a box of Modern Horizons 2 from you.

And be sure to mention the two things about this card that make it extra enticing to your customers:

  • It's not found in any Modern Horizons 2 boosters
  • It will be new to Modern on Modern Horizons 2 release date, June 18

Once you've planned your social media posts, all that's left to do is take preorders, schedule your events, and enjoy your customers' excitement over this power-packed set.

If you haven't already, download the Modern Horizons 2 marketing materials now and start spreading your marketing across all your channels.

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