Aug 14, 2023 — Featured, Marketing Materials

New Video Resource Available—What Is Prerelease?

Show new players how fun Prerelease can be at their local game store with this new video.

Aug 14, 2023 — Featured, Marketing Materials

New Video Resource Available—What Is Prerelease?

Show new players how fun Prerelease can be at their local game store with this new video.

Longtime Magic: The Gathering fans know that Prerelease is an epic celebratory event—but newer fans in your community may be unfamiliar with it, or what makes it so important to the community. We've created a new resource for your toolkit to help garner excitement for the event: the "What Is Prerelease?" video!

In this brand new video, Maria Bartholdi—MTG caster and content creator (and #1 Prerelease fan)—walks through what makes Prerelease one of the most fun events to join at a local game store. Starting today, the video is available for you to download and use in your own marketing plans.

What's In the Download

When you download this video from the marketing materials page, it will contain the following cut-downs of the video:

  • One full-length video, 2 minutes and 24 seconds long.
  • Three different 30-second cuts: one at 1:1 aspect ratio, one at 9:16 aspect ratio, and one at 16:9 aspect ratio.

The different aspect ratios are perfect for sharing no matter what social media platform you pick, be it your Instagram story reel, on Twitter, or on-screen in your store.

Using Your Prerelease Video

There are several ways you can use this video ad in your marketing. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • On-screen in your store. Playing the video on a TV screen in your store may get players curious enough to ask when the next Prerelease event is at your store.
  • On your website or social media pages. Social media provides a broader reach and encourages comments and shares from within your community.
  • In paid media campaigns. As Prerelease draws closer, you might boost a social media post featuring this video if your budget allows; this may allow you to draw in players from surrounding areas.

When posting the ad on social media, we encourage you to frame it to capture the attention of players who may not be familiar with Magic: The Gathering in your area or community. If you're stuck on caption ideas, you may take inspiration from the following:

  • Prerelease is the best day of the year, multiple times a year—but how does it work? And how can you join the fun? Worry not, Maria has all the answers.

You only have so many words to capture your audience, so feel free to alter the phrasing, add your store's name in as personalization, and even include links to your store's event calendar in tandem with the post.

The media teams at Wizards of the Coast will be devoting resources toward this ad to point to your stores on the Store & Event Locator.

Marketing Material Policy Reminder

Like any of the marketing materials available for use, this new video also falls under our marketing materials policy. You may alter the video to reduce its size in accordance with a site you wish to post it on, however, please keep in mind that any alterations made must comply with the policy.

The "What Is Prerelease?" video joins our suite of evergreen marketing assets, and based on the video's performance and your feedback, introductory videos about additional play programs may be created. Until then, head to the marketing materials page and download the video to start using it as part of your Magic marketing.

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