Feb 23, 2024 — Featured

Changes to Magic Product Languages

Feb 23, 2024 — Featured

Changes to Magic Product Languages

By Wizards of the Coast

Magic is a global game that we strive to make as accessible to as wide an audience as possible. However, we’ve also had to confront rising costs and shifts in global demand, even as Magic continues to grow.

Unfortunately, this means we are making the difficult decision to halt Portuguese product after Modern Horizons 3 and Chinese (Simplified) product with Bloomburrow. Portuguese and Chinese (Simplified) language product sales have not kept pace with rising costs across the board. Even in countries where Portuguese is the primary language, we see significant numbers of players choosing to purchase English cards.

We know this change hits especially hard, given the passionate fanbases of Chinese (Simplified) and Portuguese-speakers, fans who have always made the game feel global and welcoming. This change isn’t a reflection on their passion—in fact we will continue to support local and regional play opportunities throughout these regions, and tabletop English-language product will continue to be available in those regions. Additionally, Magic: The Gathering Arena will continue to support digital play in Portuguese.

As part of this transition, Magic: The Gathering Arena will also end all support for Russian after Modern Horizons 3.

After Modern Horizons 3, tabletop Magic’s core languages include English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. While not all products are available in all languages, our premier sets and other ancillary releases will focus on these six languages. On Magic Arena, English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Korean will continue to be supported.

As part of these and other recent changes to our product language lineup, promo packs for Outlaws of Thunder Junction will only be produced in English, German, French, Chinese Simplified, and Japanese, and promo packs starting with Bloomburrow will only be produced in English and Japanese, though they will continue to be available to many Wizards Play Network stores around the globe.

To support your Outlaws of Thunder Junction season, your store will receive Murders at Karlov Manor promo packs in your local language. Beginning with Bloomburrow, we will only produce English-language and Japanese promo packs and your store will receive English-language promo packs.

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