Jul 11, 2023 — Commander Masters

Commander Masters Special Treatment & Event Overview

Help your players roll out the red carpet for their Commanders and direct them to where they can find the special treatments coming with the set.

Jul 11, 2023 — Commander Masters

Commander Masters Special Treatment & Event Overview

Help your players roll out the red carpet for their Commanders and direct them to where they can find the special treatments coming with the set.

On August 4, Magic's most popular format is getting the Masters treatment, with powerful reprints, returning legends, and four ready-to-play Commander Decks with fan-favorite archetypes. Today, we'll cover the special card treatments your players can expect to find and where to find them.

Only in Collector Boosters: Textured Foil and Foil-Etched Card Treatment

Collector Boosters are the shortcut to the flashiest cards in a set release, and Commander Masters has a full suite of incredible treatments to be found—namely, Textured Foil and Foil-Etched cards. Fans of Double Masters 2022 will remember the Textured Foil treatment as seen on Liliana, the Last Hope, and the treatment makes a grand return for Commander Masters.

Image of textured foil card treatment

Also found exclusively in Collector Boosters are Foil-Etched cards, bringing their own polished look to any Commander deck.

Foil-Etched Selvala, Heart of the Wilds and Personal Tutor

Borderless In Every Booster: Borderless Art, Profile, and Frame Break

Commander Masters Borderless Booster Fun treatments are available in every booster—whether your players are enjoying a unique Draft experience or grabbing Set and Collector Boosters, they'll be able to find any of the following Borderless card treatments.

Borderless Art cards are a classic treatment that draw players even further into the majesty of each art piece from a set.

Borderless Art Command Tower and Spellseeker

Borderless Profile cards showcase Legendary Creatures with vibrant solid backgrounds and stunning portrait art that players can admire when their Commander is in the Command Zone or on the battlefield.

Borderless Profile Omnath, Locus of Mana and Azusa, Lost but Seeking

The Borderless Frame Break treatment art takes the concept of borderless and pushes it one step further, breaking through the confines of the frame for a truly evocative art moment.

Borderless Frame Break Jeweled Lotus and Sol Ring

Again, each of these Borderless card treatments can be found in Commander Masters Draft and Set Boosters in traditional foil and nonfoil; they can also be found in traditional foil, nonfoil, textured foil, and foil-etched in Collector Boosters.

Event Reminders for Commander Masters

Commander Draft at Launch Party

There are two format options when scheduling your Commander Masters Launch Party events: Commander, which entails the player purchasing a Commander Masters Commander Deck and playing with it unmodified, and Booster Draft, which will be run using the Commander Draft format rules variant.

Commander Masters has a unique addition only for the Draft environment: only during Commander Masters Commander Draft, all colorless and monocolored Legendary Creatures, as well as monocolored Planeswalkers that can be your commander, have the Partner ability.

The Partner ability allows a player to have two commanders, as long as each one has Partner. Please keep in mind that this information is not displayed anywhere on the product packaging, as it only applies during Commander Masters Commander Draft events. Be sure to include this special rule in your pre-event announcements.

The Commander Masters draft archetypes found in the Draft Booster display insert is inaccurate; please direct your players to the Magic Daily article for a full breakdown of the draft archetypes for the set.

Commander Masters Launch Party & WPN Premium Preview Event Promo

Players who participate in either Commander Masters program event will earn a participation promo while supplies last: Disrupt Decorum.

Disrupt Decorum

The participation promo is the same for both WPN Premium Preview Events and Launch Party events. You will have an allocation of Commander Masters Draft Boosters available through your distributor that should be just enough for you to run your events with.

If you plan to offer both pre-constructed Commander play and Commander Draft at your Commander Masters Launch Party, each format must be run and reported as its own event in Wizards EventLink. Regardless of the format you choose, the pairing method will automatically lock in as Player-List Only for every Launch Party event you run.

WPN Premium Preview Event

Preview Events are only run by WPN Premium stores and allow your communities to get their hands on the set earlier than anyone else—WPN Premium Preview Events kick off beginning July 28. Unlike Commander Masters Launch Party, Preview Events must be run using the Commander Draft format; preconstructed Commander Masters Commander Decks will not be available until release.

For your Preview Event, you'll have an allocation of Draft Boosters available from your distributor; these Draft Boosters are only to be used for play and prizes until the Commander Masters release on August 4. After the set's release, your remaining Draft Boosters may be sold as normal.

As you continue preparing for this release, check out our marketing materials page to grab what you need to advertise your event to players—after you've scheduled in Wizards EventLink.

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