Apr 9, 2020

Getting Started on Discord

Discord brings gaming communities together. Here’s how to use the tool.

Apr 9, 2020

Getting Started on Discord

Discord brings gaming communities together. Here’s how to use the tool.

Welcome to Discord!

Discord helps bring together gaming communities. It’s a place to chat, connect, and game! Each Discord server is made up of different “Channels” grouped into “Categories.” Discord can be run as a web-app or a program that you download. To get started, first make a Discord account, which you can do here.

Creating your Server

If you haven’t already, click this link to create your store’s Discord server. We’ve prebuilt a server for local game stores that’s already populated with a variety of channels (think chatrooms). These channels are meant for you and your players to post in.

Changing Your Server Name

If you didn’t change the name of the server when creating it, you can do so now. Right click on the Server Icon in the top right of your screen. Navigate from “Server Settings” to “Overview.” From here, you can change the server name (top right) and add an image to represent your store (top left).

Making Your First Post

Head over to the “Announcements” channel, underneath the “StoreFront” category. Try typing “Hello!” into the chat bar the bottom of the page. If that works, you can make your own introductory announcement, or use this text:

Thanks for joining the [STORENAME] Discord! Our Discord channel is a community hub, built for you. We’ll be making announcements, running digital events, and posting about sales. You can use the Discord to ask questions, chat with friends, and play games! Our Discord is broken out into a few channels where you can find information and conversations most relevant for you.

It’s our goal for you to use this space much the way you did our store: to meet people, make connections, and jam games. We’ve setup some rooms for D&D and Magic play. You can use the LFG (looking for group) channels to ask if anyone’s up for a game!

If you have any recommendations about how to improve or adjust our Discord, just let us know. Thanks for joining us on Discord! We’re looking forward to hanging out with you!

Setting Rules

You may also want to setup some rules. Head to the “Rules” channel, underneath. Again, you post your own rules our use ours:

Our in-store code of conduct still applies in this digital space. Here’s a quick reminder:

Put Fun First

Competition is a part of our games, but win or lose, we keep it friendly, respectful, and fun.

Welcome Everyone

Our community includes a range of diverse people. No matter who sits down at the table with us, we make them feel welcome.

Keep it Clean

We’re all caretakers of the game experience, and that includes the spaces we play in. Each of us should help maintain a clean and safe environment for all.

Obey the Rules

We follow all event rules in order to create an experience everyone can enjoy.

Changing Permissions

Right now, certain channels are set up so that only you can post in them. You can edit this by right clicking on a channel, choosing “Edit Channel,” and then navigating to “Permissions” on the top left. You can set different permissions for different staff and various channels. It's very flexible!

Make a New Channel

If you want to add another channel, it's as simple as a single click. Next to “Storefront,” click on the plus sign. You could add a channel for “Curbside Pickup” to coordinate with your customers if that’s a service you’re offering. If your store has a particular strength, consider adding a channel to support it.

Next Steps

The power of Discord is the multitude of ways it can connect people! It integrates with a variety of other tools, such as Twitch and Patreon. Existing gaming groups use Discord to run digital games of Magic and Dungeon & Dragons. Some of those groups use Whereby for video chat to run four player Commander games through Discord.

A great resource is Discord’s own help page. Retail Support representatives are standing by to answer your questions.

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