Dec 1, 2021 — WPN Premium, Path to WPN Premium

Kick Off Your Path to WPN Premium in 2022

Review the WPN Premium Toolkit so you can hit the ground running next year.

Dec 1, 2021 — WPN Premium, Path to WPN Premium

Kick Off Your Path to WPN Premium in 2022

Review the WPN Premium Toolkit so you can hit the ground running next year.

Editor's Note: WPN Premium stores will no longer need to submit point-of-sale data as part of the Path to WPN Premium process or after achieving a designation starting January 1, 2024. Previously announced WPN Premium point-of-sale promos will still be distributed to WPN Premium stores. Please read our announcement article for full details.

Our final WPN Premium deadline for the year is fast approaching—if your store doesn't qualify by December 31, you'll have to wait until 2022 before your store can start earning benefits.

Ready but not sure where to start? Check out our comprehensive WPN Premium Toolkit. It’s your go-to guide as you begin your Path to WPN Premium journey. In it, you'll find details about WPN Premium qualifications, how to apply, and photos from other WPN Premium stores for inspiration.

Earning a WPN Premium designation introduces loads of benefits to your store to grow your community, such as exclusive product and event opportunities. Whether you're already on the Path to WPN Premium or getting ready to start, keep these three easy steps in mind to hit the ground running in 2022.

Talk to Your Retail Development Specialist

The first step of starting your Path to WPN Premium is to get in touch with your Retail Development Specialist. You don't need to be WPN Premium-ready at your first conversation, either: in fact, many stores achieve WPN Premium requirements while on the Path to Premium.

If you've already started your Path to WPN Premium, now is a great time to catch up with your Retail Development Specialist to identify any steps you want to take to get closer to earning your designation.

Achieving WPN Premium takes an average of two months, so get started so you can take advantage of our upcoming benefits.

Review the WPN Premium Quality Checklist

The WPN Premium Quality Checklist serves as your to-do list as you work toward achieving WPN Premium. These action items help keep you organized as you make gradual improvements to your store, such as design, housekeeping, and play experience.

Remember: there's no one way to achieve WPN Premium. We've busted more than a few myths about achieving WPN Premium in the past, and the fact is, the process is not one-size-fits all.

Understand Your Current Sales Data and Play Metrics

Your store's sales data and play metrics are crucial in earning your designation. Many WPN Premium stores see steady growth in their play metrics as they journey along the Path to WPN Premium, which translates to even more benefits and community support.

To learn more about how your metrics can be boosted while you're on the Path to WPN Premium, check out our article.

Your Retail Development Specialist will support you throughout the entire process, and it continues after you achieve your WPN Premium designation! As a WPN Premium store, you'll receive designated marketing materials, additional product allocation, and the opportunity to host exclusive events, like our Innistrad: Double Feature WPN Premium Preview Event.

Whether you've yet to start your application or are currently on the Path to WPN Premium, our resources are available to help. Reference the WPN Premium Toolkit, review the WPN Premium Quality Checklist, and get in touch with your Retail Development specialist to make the process smooth.

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