Aug 7, 2023 — WPN Premium

Upcoming Deadlines & Benefits for WPN Premium

Take out your calendar and mark these key dates if you're hoping to achieve a WPN Premium designation.

Aug 7, 2023 — WPN Premium

Upcoming Deadlines & Benefits for WPN Premium

Take out your calendar and mark these key dates if you're hoping to achieve a WPN Premium designation.

Editor's Note: This article has been updated to reflect current plans for Modern Horizons 3 Store Championship.

WPN Premium stores are among some of the best game stores in the world—and get access to extra benefits that celebrate their status. Along with having priority placement in the Store & Event Locator, WPN Premium stores receive additional benefits throughout the year. This includes increased product allocations and the ability to redeem materials to help effortlessly boost your marketing efforts.

As we peer into the future of Magic amid our 30th anniversary, it's also time for us to share dates and preliminary details for the upcoming WPN Premium benefits and deadlines.

WPN Premium Benefits & Deadlines

Set Allocation Increases: Deadlines Variable

With each set, WPN Premium stores enjoy a higher allocation of product available to purchase from distributors. For Wilds of Eldraine, the deadline matches the Distributor Selection Deadline, which was June 23.

Wilds of Eldraine Commander Party Upgrade: June 23, 2023

Like with The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth™, Commander Party events for Wilds of Eldraine are available for every store in the WPN. However, stores who achieved a designation prior to June 23 qualified for an increase in the number of promos—in traditional foil—sent to support their Commander Party event.

Custom Store Name Printed on Store Championship Promos (MKM and OTJ): August 4, 2023

The deadline to be eligible to have your store name custom-printed on your Store Championship Promos for both Murders at Karlov Manner and Outlaws of Thunder Junction™ is August 4.

Having your store name custom printed on your nonfoil promos makes the event even more special for the top eight ranking players and event winner at your store. They'll always know they got their promo at your game store—making it a memorable addition to their promo collection.

Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander Party Upgrade: September 8, 2023

The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander Party events are also open to the entire WPN, but by achieving WPN Premium before September 8, you can receive additional promos in traditional foil and marketing materials to help support your event in-store.

Ravnica Remastered Preview Event: October 27, 2023

Hosting a WPN Premium Preview Event is a great benefit for WPN Premium stores—a week before certain set releases, you're able to preview the cards with your community and celebrate the new release before anyone else in the WPN.

For Ravnica Remastered, you can host Booster Draft and Sealed Deck events and let your community revisit the best of Ravnica, with cards from every Ravnica block for a fully immersive Booster Draft experience.

Murders at Karlov Manor Commander Party Upgrade: November 24, 2023

WPN stores that achieve a WPN Premium designation before November 24 will receive an additional quantity of promos in traditional foil for their Commander Party event.

[Cancelled] Custom Store Name Printed on Store Championship Promos (MH3): December 8, 2023

To get the unique benefit of your store's name custom printed on your Top 8 and Winner Store Championship promos for Modern Horizons 3, earn your WPN Premium designation on or before December 8.

Edit: Store Championship is no longer planned for Modern Horizons 3; as a result, there will no longer be custom-printed store name promos accompanied with an event at this release.

Custom Store Name Printed on Store Championship Promos (BLB and DSK): January 26, 2024

Finally, there is plenty of runway for you to qualify for custom store name-printed Top 8 and Winner promos for the Bloomburrow and Duskmourn: House of Horror Store Championship. Don't miss the opportunity to bring this benefit to your store—if you're interested, you should reach out and kickstart your journey on the Path to WPN Premium today.

Get Started on Your Path to WPN Premium

If you're eager to have any or all of these benefits available for your store, we encourage you to reach out to your WPN Business Development Specialist to get started on the Path to WPN Premium. Your specialist is there to help you along every step of the way, from evaluating your current space to working with you in finding what makes your space unique.

On the WPN Premium Hub, you'll find spotlights from other WPN stores like The Geekery or Event Horizon Hobbies, wherein they share their individual experiences in becoming WPN Premium so you can get a taste for what the process is like.

If you're searching for inspiration, head to our WPN Premium Showcase Gallery, where we show off stunning photos from WPN Premium stores the world over. WPN stores of all sizes have crossed the finish line to WPN Premium, and even if you're just curious about the process, you should reach out to your Development Specialist right away.

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