Core Set 2019: Cards That Can’t Be Missed

Core Set 2019: Cards That Can’t Be Missed

June 22, 2018 | 4 min to read

Core Set 2019 is a showcase of what Magic: The Gathering is all about at its foundation. Its first priority is to be the best opportunity to bring new players into the fold.

But it's so much more than that. It's full of bold new cards and powerful, coveted reprints that will grab the attention of experienced players, too.

Take a look at some of these highlights:

Commander Contenders: Nexus of Fate, Elder Dragons

Extra Turns at Instant Speed

You've probably seen this one: it's the Buy-a-Box promo this time around and it's not found in booster packs.

Taking an extra turn has been one of the biggest swings in Magic ever since the effect first appeared twenty-five years ago—and this one does it at instant speed. Throw in the recurrence and it's a good bet you'll see this one in Commander and Brawl.

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Elder Dragons

First printed way back in Legends, elder dragons are maybe the most warmly-remembered cards no one ever actually played—that is until they became the basis for what's now known as Commander.

Fans of that format will rejoice—Vaevictis and Arcades get their first cards in twenty-five years (and their first ever playable cards. . .) Meanwhile, Bolas is back with a reasonable cost and major upsides, and when he wants to get serious he can be exiled to and come back in his Planeswalker form.

Archetype Upgrades: Leonin Warleader and Gigantosaurus

Continuity with Recent Sets

M19 improves on previous core sets in many important ways, including this: it's brimming with callbacks to recent sets, offering new options for existing archetypes.

Cards like these open up new possibilities for decks your players are already invested in. Gigantosaurus will ravage foes alongside a dinosaur horde from Ixalan and Rivals of Ixalan, and Leonin Warleader will fit right in to an Amonkhet-based cat deck.

Standard Shoe-Ins: Murder, Mentor of the Meek, Vivien Reid

Proven Standard Winners

The value of a powerful removal card like Murder (also an FNM promo) makes sense to players of any skill level, and Mentor of the Meek's card draw engine is a rare gift for white mages. Both of these cards have a Standard pedigree—they saw play around Innistrad block.

New 'Walker

Our newest Planeswalker makes her debut in Core Set 2019 and is already leaving strong first impressions. Whatever a player may need, Vivien's got it: she can find answers off the top of your deck, or neutralize threats with her -3 ability.

Long-Awaited Reprints: Omniscience, Scapeshift, Crucible of Worlds

Cross-format Archetype Cornerstones

These heavy-hitters can be tough to track down. Each one is the backbone of a high-tier deck: Scapeshift combos with Valakut in Modern; Omniscience powers all sorts of instant-win strategies like Hypergenesis; Crucible of the Worlds enables endless land destruction in Vintage and Commander.

Modern Hopefuls: Elvish Clancaller, Supreme Phantom, Remorseful Cleric

Low Cost, High Impact Threats

Elvish Clancaller could rally to take Modern elf decks to the next level, while Supreme Phantom is primed to lead spirits like Rattlechains and Spell Queller into battle. Remorseful Cleric adds another answer to the arsenal of white-based prison decks—one that can attack a life total while protecting against graveyard strategies.

Players get their first chance to catch these highlights and more during the Prerelease Early Sale Promotion, so use our marketing materials to get the word out now—preorder today, pick up at Prerelease, and get a Standard-and-Commander-legal rare not found in boosters.

By Nataly Scheidt


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