First Look: Exclusive APAC Promos

First Look: Exclusive APAC Promos

January 15, 2021 | 1 min to read

Celebrate Lunar New Year with your community! Host a Lunar New Year Celebration Standard Sealed event from February 5–March 31 and hand out these Year of the Ox promos.

You'll receive an allocation of Sethron, Hurlon General and a Minotaur token packaged together in a festive Lunar New Year wrap for event and sales support.

These promos will be sent out with your Kaldheim assets, expected to arrive between January 22–28.

Give away one packaged set of promos whenever a player does one of the following within the event window (February 5–March 31):

In Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, and China only:

  • Participates in a Lunar New Year Celebration event at your store

In Indonesia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong, and Thailand only:

  • Buys 6 packs of Kaldheim Draft or Set Boosters

  • Buys a Kaldheim Prerelease Pack

  • Buys a Kaldheim Commander Deck

  • Buys a Kaldheim Bundle

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