Here's the Format for Magic Weekend: Commander

Here's the Format for Magic Weekend: Commander

August 5, 2019 | 3 min to read

Last weekend at GenCon, players got their first peek at the new decks coming with Commander 2019, and new cards will continue rolling out throughout the week. Which means if you've been waiting for previews to make your ordering decisions, now's the time.

It's also means it's time to get ready for Magic Weekend: Commander.

If you haven't scheduled Magic Weekend: Commander yet, put a pin in this article and sign up in Wizards Event Reporter.

If you have, here's what you're in for.


Format: Play One of the Four Decks & Use All 3 Commanders


For Magic Weekend: Commander, we’re recommending a special Commander variant to encourage players try out the new decks. It works like this.

Any player that purchases and uses an unaltered Commander 2019 deck can begin the game with up to three legendary creatures from that deck in their Command Zone.

All three legendary creatures are treated as though they have the "Partner" ability ("Partner" allows players to have multiple commanders.) Each commander functions independently, ignoring how many times the other two commanders have been cast.

Of course, players are more than welcome to join with any Commander deck they choose—and they'll have some special objectives when they do.


Recommended Rewards: Complete the Achievement Card, Get a Promo Pack

Like we've said, we recommend reserving about 20% of your promo packs each season for Magic Weekend. Here's how we recommend using that 20%.

If you play Commander, you know it's not like other formats. It's about creating deckbuilding, expressing yourself through the game, exploring novel interactions and obscure, offbeat cards. In other words, it's about a lot more than just winning—and we recommend you make that clear with the prize pool.

First, download these achievement cards. You'll see things like "Recite flavor text in the voice of your commander" to help liven up the event. You'll also see that the achievement cards offer a promo pack to any player who completes the entire list.


Second, if you've still got premium promo packs (the ones with all-foil contents), now's a great time to use them. Like we said, Commander is about expressing yourself through the game, and for a lot of Commander fans, that means styling out their decks with foils and other unique cards.


Reporting: Enter all Players into a Single Event


Don't miss out on those Tickets! Report all your attendees in a single event in Wizards Event Reporter.

You'll run Magic Weekend: Commander as a Player List Only event, without rounds or pairings. Just leave your event open all day, stick your players into the event as they come in, and end your event and upload the results at the end of the day.

If you haven’t already signed up for Commander Weekend, do it now! It’s an easy-to-report event with unique play opportunities for your players to try.


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