The Last Masters Set Is Almost Here

November 19, 2018 | 2 min to read

Ultimate Masters (UMA) is a grand finale in more ways than one. It releases on December 7, and it’s not only a send-off for Magic’s 25th year, it's a send-off for the Masters series in general—at least for the foreseeable future.

December 7 is coming up quick, but there's still time to get Ultimate Masters. Ordering works differently from previous Masters sets. All you have to do is get in touch with your distributor—there's no need to sign up in Wizards Event Reporter.

And that's not the only way Ultimate Masters is different.

Unlike any other Masters set before it, each display comes with its own box topper—one of forty different, extended-art cards in its own custom flow-wrap. (The box toppers come in the usual, playable size.)

Some box toppers have their original art, but some have new, alternate art.

For example, Bitterblossom:

You’ll notice fading at the border around the art to let more of it through the frame. This design makes some eye-catching cards, as you can tell with these other box topper possibilities:

A regular version of each box topper can also be found among the 254 other cards in booster packs of Ultimate Masters. So, each booster box brings a higher chance than usual to snag multiples copies of some of the game's most coveted cards.

And the rest of UMA is jam-packed with even more sought-after reprints, many of which pair nicely with one another.

For example, take a look at these all-stars from across graveyard strategies:

If you've ever seen Vintage Dredge or manaless Dredge in action, you've seen how unstoppable these cards can be together. (You maybe didn't understand it, but you saw it.)

It’s obvious—passing on Ultimate Masters would be a mistake. Preorders are open now. If you haven’t yet, give your distributor a call to place an order before it’s too late.

By Nataly Scheidt