Planeswalker Points To Be Decomissioned on May 27

Planeswalker Points To Be Decomissioned on May 27

April 27, 2020 | 2 min to read

Adapting our technology to best serve a modern framework means some software and services must change. On May 27, 2020 we will be sunsetting Planeswalker Points and removing access to the Planeswalker Points website.

Planeswalker Points Will Be Available Until May 27

Planeswalker Points, including login using DCI numbers, will be available until May 27. After that date, players will no longer acquire Planeswalker Points and will be unable to access Planeswalker Points history information.

As announced last year, byes earned through Planeswalker Points will no longer be offered for Grand Prix events.

For many players, this is going to feel like the end of an era. Comparing four-digit DCI numbers at events was something of a badge of honor—a way to show how long you’ve been a part of the community.

We’re feeling a bit nostalgic over here as well, which is part of the reason we’re giving players thirty days to check out their history and rave about their winning record or that one time they beat Luis Scott-Vargas at a MagicFest side event.

A little piece of Magic history is going away, but the future is bright—and more connected across platforms.

Players Should Create a Wizards Account to Participate in Events After May 27

Future in-store and esports events, as well as other play opportunities, will require players to have a valid Wizards Account which works with Magic: The Gathering Companion and Wizards Eventlink.

And if players still have their DCI memorized and wear that as a badge of honor even after May 27, well, we can’t say we blame them.

Connect Your Wizards Account to Your Store to Use Wizards Eventlink

The future isn’t just brighter and more connected for players—stores are going to have an easier time managing events and your play community as well. Scheduling and managing in-store play tools are getting an upgrade to Wizards Eventlink.

The alpha version is available now. Go here to get started using it.

Please keep in mind that Eventlink is in the alpha testing phase, and that Companion is in beta, and widely available only on Android devices at the moment. (Wide iOS availability is coming soon.) If you have feedback, we'd love for you to send it here.

The future is going to gift us a better play experience between stores, players, and events around the world. While we can’t yet gather together to play Magic, we’re excited and looking forward to the day we can.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to elevate the technology and services we use to support Magic events around the world. And maybe throw in a brag now and then about that four-digit DCI number.

Start using Wizards Eventlink by connecting your Wizards Account to your store now using this form.


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