The WPN's Response to COVID-19

April 17, 2020 | 1 min to read

In response to COVID-19, Wizards has made a number of announcements and policy changes to enable WPN members to serve their communities, navigate the disruption, and above all remain safe. Below is a running list of those announcements.

Latest Updates, 9 September 2020

In-Store Play Suspension Extended in US & LATAM

Maximum Entry Fee for Magic Arena and Magic Online Tournaments Increased to $25

Continue Using Promo Packs as Sales Incentives and At-Home Play Through the End of Zendikar Rising Season

Continue Shipping Buy-a-Box Promos with Online Orders Through the End of Zendikar Rising Season

At-Home and Remote Prerelease Extended Through Commander Legends Prerelease

In-Store Play Suspension Extended in US & LATAM

As of September 9, 2020, the in-store play suspension in US and LATAM will remain in place. The next update will come on October 14.

Wizards will continue to monitor the situation and update WPN members on the second Wednesday of each month. Watch this website on October 14 for the next update.

Maximum Entry Fee for Magic Arena and Magic Online Tournaments Increased to $25

Earlier this year, we lifted restrictions around organizers taking admission fees for events run on Magic Arena and Magic Online. We have increased the maximum entry fee for both Magic Arena and Magic Online tournaments to $25.

These temporary guidelines will be in effect until further notice (at least through 2020).

Please review the Wizards Play Network Magic Arena Tournament Guidelines before running these events.

Continue Using Promo Packs as Sales Incentives & At-Home Play Rewards Through the End of Zendikar Rising Season

Continuing the policy put in place in March, WPN members may continue to use Promo Packs as sales incentives and as a reward for at-home play through Zendikar Rising season.

Additionally, WPN members can now use leftover individual promo cards from past seasons as sales incentives for sealed Magic product at Zendikar Rising release.

Continue Shipping Buy-a-Box Promos with Online Orders Through the End of Zendikar Rising Season

Starting at launch and through Zendikar Rising season, WPN members can ship Buy-a-Box cards along with orders of six Prerelease packs or displays of Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, or Collector Boosters.

Those shipments may also contain Promo Packs.

At-Home and Remote Prerelease Extended through Commander Legends Prerelease

At-Home Prereleases will once again be available for the Zendikar Rising season.

Enter players who purchase a Prerelease Pack for at-home play into these events to have them counted for future Prerelease allocations.

Remember, we'll be taking the highest attendance from among Theros Beyond Death (the last pre-COVID release) and the last two sets to determine baseline Prerelease allocation for the foreseeable future.

In-Store Play Suspension Temporarily Reinstated in US & LATAM

After reviewing feedback from Core Set 2021 Prerelease, conferring with our Retail Advisory Panel, and above all considering the safety of the community, we've made the difficult decision to place in-store play under suspension in the United States and Latin America.

We can confirm that the suspension will be lifted no sooner than Zendikar Rising Prerelease—the season will offer At-Home Prerelease only.

Remote play events remain available in Wizards Event Reporter and EventLink, but any live events scheduled will be automatically cancelled and removed from the Store and Event Locator.

Please find more information here .

Evolving WPN Premium for COVID-19 and Beyond

The WPN faced many hurdles over the past few months: At-Home Prereleases, operating online-only businesses, launching online communities, and more. The Magic community successfully adapted and tackled those challenges head-on.

That's why WPN Premium is adapting, too—not just to face current challenges, but to continue evolving and surpassing customer expectations of a Premium experience in the future.

To that end, we're suspending the metrics requirement and adding requirements for online sales and communities.

We're as committed as ever to bringing world-class gaming experiences to the Magic community, and we believe Premium is within reach of every WPN member who wants it. These changes ensure we continue to meet that high bar even as the idea of WPN membership grows and adapts to new circumstances.

"Snapshot" Metrics to Be Used Until Further Notice

Back on February 15, we took a "snapshot" of every WPN member's attendance numbers, which we've used to determine Promo Pack allocations, Prerelease allocations, and so on. We will continue to use that snapshot until further notice.

In-Store Play Suspension Lifted

As of June 1, tabletop events are available in both EventLink and Wizards Event Reporter, including Core Set 2021 programs and events. Events reported during this time will not, however, count towards your play metrics (Tickets and Engaged Players) and will never be retroactively counted.

All promo and product allocation quantities will be based on the metrics "snapshot" taken on February 15 (see below for more information). Wizards in no way encourages WPN members to run events; events reported during this period will never impact your play metrics.

We recommend all WPN members review and observe best practices for event management as provided by local health authorities, as well as organizations such as the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control.

2020 WPNQs Suspended

This year’s remaining Players Tour, Players Tour Final, and Mythic Invitational events are shifting to be run online with remote play. This means we’ve made the heartbreaking decision to cancel all outstanding 2020 in-person high-level Magic events including Wizards Play Network Qualifiers and MagicFests.

Read more about this decision here.

Use Buy-a-Box Promos for Purchases of Six Ikoria Prerelease Packs.

To support the sales of Ikoria Prerelease Packs, you can use the set's Buy-a-Box promos as a sales incentive for any customer buying six Prerelease Packs.

This change comes in addition to giving out the Buy-a-Box promos to anyone who buys a full box of Ikoria Draft Boosters, as usual.

Accept an entry fee for tournaments organized on Magic Online

In April, we temporarily lifted restrictions around organizers taking admission fees for events run on Magic Arena. We've extended that policy to Magic Online—you may organize and run these events with an entry cost of up to $10 USD per tournament.

Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition Release Delayed Until June 12

Because of a delay in manufacturing due to COVID-19, Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition’s release date has shifted to June 12.

This delay is certainly unfortunate, and we hope the two-week delay doesn’t cause too many disruptions. We are continuing to prioritize the health and safety of our employees, partners, and players and will continue to keep you updated should any other release shifts become necessary.

Read more about Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition here.

Transformers TCG: Titan Masters Attack promos can be used as sales incentives

To help support the release of Transformers TCG: Titan Masters Attack on May 29, your promos can now be used as sales incentives or to support at-home play.

While you have already received your Titan Masters Attack promos, hold on to them and the product until the official product release date on May 29. You may use the promos to support at-home play or to incentivize sales on or after the release date.

Updated Jumpstart Launch Event Dates: July 17–19

Due to continued manufacturing delays because of COVID-19, Jumpstart’s previously announced tabletop release date will be shifting to July 17. Jumpstart Prerelease has been removed from the schedule and replaced with a launch event.

The Jumpstart Launch Event can be scheduled in WER at any point over the event weekend (July 17–19). When you schedule, run an all-day "Player List Only" event.

To continue supporting regions that are affected by and recovering from COVID-19, players don't need to play in store to count towards your Jumpstart Launch Event—add any player who purchases two Jumpstart boosters from your store to your Jumpstart Launch Event.

Updates from 2 April 2020

Remote Event Help: Wizards EventLink is in alpha testing ahead of schedule

As you know, we announced a new event management tool last year, with plans to roll it out widely this summer. But a new and immediate need has emerged to organize remote Magic events, and we hope Wizards EventLink will help you do it. The alpha test is available now. You can find everything you need to get started here.

Updates From: 30 March 2020

Discount Codes Coming: 50% Off Digital Copies of Mythic Odysseys of Theros on D&D Beyond

D&D Beyond is pitching in to support game stores during the release of Mythic Odysseys of Theros.

On May 12, we'll email you 20 unique codes that redeem for a 50% discount on digital copies of Mythic Odysseys of Theros through D&D Beyond. We've created a batch of digital marketing assets you can use to advertise the initiative. Download them here.

All Mythic Odysseys of Theros customers are eligible to recieve a code, both in-person and online.

Updates From: 27 March 2020

LGS Relief Initiative: Mystery Booster Coming at No Charge, Admission Costs for Arena Events

Since the onset of the pandemic, Wizards has been tirelessly exploring ways we can support local game stores who have been deeply impacted by the effects of the virus. We’ve announced a few initiatives to better connect stores with their players, and we hope to announce more soon.

Today we have two things we hope will help.

First, we've launched a reprint of Mystery Booster, and we will send an allocation of it, at no charge, to each WPN member store. We’ll have more details next week, but for now, we want fans to know that when they order a portion of that reprint, every single dollar will go straight to their store.

Second, effective now and until June 1, we are lifting restrictions around organizers taking admission fees for events run on Magic Arena. You may organize and run these events with an entry cost of up to $10 USD per tournament.

Please review the Wizards Play Network Magic Arena Tournament Guidelines before running these events.

Updates From: 23 March 2020

We've partnered with Discord to create a template you can use to create a community hub with one click. Find more information on that initiative here.

At Home Prerelease: You may use At-Home Prerelease to record the players that you sell Prerelease Packs to, but keep in mind that any future Prerelease allocation that would include Ikoria will instead look at the highest attendance in the last three sets.

Metrics: We have taken a "snapshot" of WPN metrics beginning February 15, so there is no incentive to report any store-sponsored online play. Future allocations for attendance-based products and promotions will be based off the snapshot.

WPNQs: All WPN Qualifiers and Premier Series events are cancelled. 

This policy goes into effect Tuesday, March 24. We'll continue monitoring the situation and make adjustments where necessary, including potentially rescheduling Ikoria launch, which many WPN members have asked about. Expect final word on that decision in the coming days.

Use Promo Packs as Sales Incentive & At-Home Play Reward

Under normal circumstances, Promo Packs are to support in-store play. However, in-store play is not a possibility in many parts of the world. Effective immediately and through Ikoria season, Promo Packs may be used as a sales incentive.

Ship Buy-a-Box Promos With Online Orders

Likewise, Buy-a-Box promo cards are usually reserved for in-store pickups. That, too, is impossible in some parts of the world. Effective with Ikoria launch and through Ikoria season, WPN members may ship Buy-a-Box cards along with orders of full displays. (Note that those shipments may also include Promo Packs.)

Updates From: 20 March 2020

Friday Night Magic at Home

We encourage organizers to facilitate virtual tabletop events and other remote play opportunities with community channels like Discord. We've partnered with Discord to help stores create a community hub with a single click. Get details here.

Additionally, we will launch Friday Night Magic events on Magic Arena, and we have issued stores special codes to reward participation. You may also support these events with Promo Packs. More details here.

Updates From: 9 March 2020

At-Home Prereleases

You may schedule "At-Home Prerelease" events across Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Prerelease Weekend. Just look for "At-Home Prerelease" in WER and schedule as usual. Schedule as many events as you need.

These events are player list only, and they'll count towards future Prerelease allocations. (Note though that any future allocation that would consider Ikoria will instead consider the highest attendance in the last three sets.)

Should I enter a player if another player picks up their pack for them?

Only input the account information of the player picking up the product or receiving it by mail—other players should not be entered on their behalf. Please limit Prerelease Pack sales as you see fit (you are not required to limit them) and enter the player into an event for each Prerelease Pack they purchase.

Note however that Ikoria will only be considered in future allocations if your At-Home Prerelease attendance is higher than other recent sets.

How should I manage this in WER?

The simplest way to manage At-Home Prerelease events is to schedule several events in WER, keep them open, and add a player to a number of those events equal to the number of Prerelease Packs they purchased.

What about the no-charge prize packs?

Two prize packs should be included for each Prerelease Pack purchased.

What about Commander Decks?

Ikoria Commander Decks may be sold outright during Prerelease. You do not need to enter these players into an event.

And the Prerelease Early Sale Promotion?

Prerelease Early Sale Promotion booster boxes may also be sold and shipped at this time.

If you choose to ship your Prerelease Packs, get organized play account information or DCI numbers for each purchase at the time the order is placed to enter players into events.

We will continue monitoring the situation and working on more opportunities to support the WPN—stay tuned for the latest updates.

Promo & Product Allocation Adjustments

We have taken a "snapshot" of your Tickets, Engaged Players, and Activated Players. Hereafter, we will allocate Promo Packs, exclusive products, and so on, based off either the snapshot or your real-time numbers—whichever is higher.

Prerelease Allocation Adjustments

Under normal circumstances, a store’s Prerelease allocation is based on the highest Prerelease attendance in the last two Prereleases. However, any future Prerelease allocation that would include Ikoria will instead look at the highest attendance in the last three sets (excluding Core Set 2020).


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