• Decks have one legendary creature or planeswalker as the commander
  • Any mana symbol that appears on a given card must also appear on the commander
  • Each player begins the game with 30 life
  • Commanders begin the game in the command zone and can be cast from the command zone. Each time a player casts their commander after their first casting, costs 2 additional mana of any color
  • If a commander leaves the battlefield, its controller may put it back into their command zone instead of putting it anywhere else it would go


Brawl is a multiplayer format that features the newest card sets. It is best used in casual group play.

Deck Size

60 cards (1 Commander and 59 others)



1-Card Limit

No more than one of any individual card in the deck (with the exception of basic lands).

Banned List

Brawl follows the Standard format banned list. See this page for a list of banned cards.