Dec 3, 2019 — WPN Premium

4 Great WPN Premium Benefits from 2019 (And How You Can Get Them in 2020)

The "how you can get them" part probably won't surprise you.

Dec 3, 2019 — WPN Premium

4 Great WPN Premium Benefits from 2019 (And How You Can Get Them in 2020)

The "how you can get them" part probably won't surprise you.

WPN Premium has only been around since June of this year—and in that short period of time, they've already collected a mound of great perks.

More exposure (priority in the Store and Event Locator), expanded marketing materials (lighted sign, plaque, poster frame), exclusive events and products (Premium Commander Collection)—the list grows week after week.

Let’s review some of the WPN Premium benefits stores have earned in 2019 and talk about how more stores can get in on the action in 2020—you can still get a lot of these benefits if you earn the Premium designation now (apply today!).

More Exposure

Schedule your events!

The main goal of the Premium designation is to guide players toward an incredible in-store experience, especially if it’s the first time playing in a store.

That’s why the Store and Event Locator highlights Premium stores whenever possible. When a user enters their location, the top slot in the search results is reserved for WPN Premium, provided there's a location nearby.

This benefit is clear—more players seeing your store and your events means more opportunity for them to come to your store for those events. If you want the seal next to your store's name, start your path to Premium now.

Expanded Marketing Materials

Read more about the Throne of Eldraine promo kits here.

WPN Premium promo kits come with even more swag than the customary kits.

Let’s look at Throne of Eldraine for example. In addition to the customary marketing kit, WPN Premium stores got two pop-up foil standees, a WPN Premium plaque to display their well-earned status, and the Arena card codes we talked about before.

But we know that “more” doesn’t always equal “better.” We keep an open dialog with WPN Premium, covering what types of marketing materials most benefit them. We’re looking forward to using that feedback and sending out even better, even more effective pieces in 2020.

Make Premium now and they're yours.

MTG Arena Exquisite Sleeve Event: Reclaim the Throne

Read more about in-store MTG Arena events here.

Since MTG Arena launched in September we've been exploring the synergy between the new platform and tabletop Magic. How can this new platform boost in-store play? What sort of tabletop events most appeal to Arena players?

One of the ways we’ve worked towards answering those questions is inviting WPN Premium to run exclusive events that award an exquisite sleeve in MTG Arena.

It's a win-win-win: players get an awesome cosmetic for their collections; WPN Premium gets an exclusive event; the WPN team at Wizards gets a quality-controlled test environment to use before rolling out new ideas more widely.

Expect more of this in 2020, and if you want in on it, reach out to us about WPN Premium.

Wizards Play Network Qualifiers

All WPN members are eligible to apply for WPN Qualifiers (WPNQs). But if you're interested in running them in your store, the best thing to do is reach WPN Premium—they get priority when we select stores to host.

And as of this writing, they can simply schedule WPNQs in Wizards Event Reporter. No application required.

This is what WER looks like for WPN Premium right now—they're scheduling WPNQs for the second Players tour of 2020 as we speak. If you think scheduling the most prestigious WPN-level competitive Magic event as easily as if it were FNM sounds good, pursue Premium.

If you want WPNQs, or expanded marketing kits, or any of this, we want you to have it. The bar is high, but we believe it's in reach of any store that's ready to work for it. And we're here to help.

After applying, WPN members work with their representative to boost their metrics if necessary, check any unchecked boxes on the Premium Quality Checklist, and meeting the standard of spectacular gaming experience that Wizards expects.

Sound good? Apply for Premium today.

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