Mar 27, 2024 — Outlaws of Thunder Junction, In-Store Play, Promos

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Events & Promos Overview

Get a preview of promos headed your way in your marketing kit and a full look at the events for the season.

Mar 27, 2024 — Outlaws of Thunder Junction, In-Store Play, Promos

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Events & Promos Overview

Get a preview of promos headed your way in your marketing kit and a full look at the events for the season.

Thunder Junction is a plane newly awakened with Magic, and villains from across the Multiverse are flocking to this new frontier to chase their fortunes and get up to trouble. Anything is up for grabs, and everyone is grabbing for everything. In Outlaws of Thunder Junction, your players will join Oko and his band of Multiverse villains to pull off a heist that will change the fate of all planes.

This is one big showdown, and we want to make sure you're prepared for it with a kit full of promotional loot to kick off the season and ride it into the sunset.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Promos & Usage

If your store ran two or more Standard Showdown events in the month of February, your promotional materials kit will also include your oversized card reward, Resplendent Angel.

New & Notable

Event Promos

  • Diabolic Tutor – Open House participation promo; players that bring a new player to the store for this event receive a second copy of the promo—and so does the new player
  • Foil, Full-Art Omenpath Basic Lands – Standard Showdown promo; provide one land to top player each week
  • Costly Plunder – Commander Party participation promo; WPN Premium stores receive foil versions
  • Blazing Rootwalla – Store Championship participation promo
  • Hollow One – Store Championship Top 8 promo
  • Full-Art Vengevine – Store Championship Winner promo

Seasonal Items

  • 1 Foil Outlaws of Thunder Junction poster – for prominent in-store display
  • Sticker Sheets – for Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease, Open House, or other Magic: The Gathering sanctioned event participation
  • Lapel Pins – to reward players who attend two or more Prerelease events at your store using a Wizards Account to sign up
  • English-language Commander Party materials – includes Play Aids and Party Cards, to support Commander Party play*
  • Magda, the Hoardmaster – Buy-a-Box promo; for players who purchase a full display of Play or Collector Boosters (in-store purchase or pick-up only)
  • Cultivate – Bring-a-Friend promo; provide a copy to both the existing player and their friend
  • Promo Packs – in both foil and nonfoil, to support events for Outlaws of Thunder Junction season**

Group photo of OTJ promotional materials

*Commander Party materials are also available to download in additional languages.

**You will receive one extra weeks' worth of promo packs for Outlaws of Thunder Junction season; these packs will last until the release of Bloomburrow. Additionally, stores that previously received Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese promo packs will not receive local-language packs with Outlaws of Thunder Junction; stores in those regions will instead receive the equivalent number of Murders at Karlov Manor local-language packs instead. Beginning with Bloomburrow, stores outside Japan will receive promo packs in English language.

Provide promos to players while supplies last. For full details on WPN promos, keep the Promo Usage & Policy Hub handy.

About Get the Gang Together Promos

Starting right at Prerelease (April 12), players can receive copies of the promos Oltec Matterweaver and Transmutation Font when they bring new players to their first event your store, and each register for your event with their own Wizards Account for any in-store event together throughout Outlaws of Thunder Junction season (as long as it is the new player's first event).

In addition to the two promos, be sure to provide each player (both the experienced player and their new friends) with a copy of Cultivate, all while supplies last.

We've put together marketing materials for you to use to advertise this promotion to your community; share the image periodically throughout the season or at key moments to help boost your event registration.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Events

Prerelease (April 12 – 18)

As the first event of the season, Prerelease is a great time to go all out and create the biggest celebration in-store for the new set. Whether you decorate your store to match the aesthetic of Thunder Junction or serve up thematic treats to keep players' energy up while they explore the cards for the first time, it's sure to be a blast.

For players who register alongside new players in their first event using their individual Wizards Accounts, be sure to award each player in the group both the two Get the Gang Together promos and the Bring-a-Friend promo!

Open House (April 19 – 21)

Open House can help get interested new players started with Magic. You can demo the game with Starter Kit or Jumpstart products that you have on-hand or set players up with a mentor to play some Two-Headed Giant games with other newcomer-mentor pairs.

Provide each participant with a copy of the Open House promo; provide a second copy of the promo to players that bring a friend and to the friend they bring. You can use sticker sheets, Get the Gang Together promos, and Bring-a-Friend promos to further incentivize players to come give Magic a try!

Standard Showdown (April 19 – July 25)

Running weekly Standard Showdown events is a great way to build a Standard community and ramp up your players to Store Championship later in the season; then, you can invite players back to continue refining their Standard decks or try new techniques ahead of the next set release.

At Standard Showdown, provide your top player each week with one of the foil, Full-Art Omenpath Basic Lands.

If your store was allocated more than one Standard Showdown promo per week you may provide them during the event for other purposes at your discretion; however, be sure to reserve enough to provide at least one per week for the remainder of the season.

Commander Party (April 26 – May 2)

In Thunder Junction, characters flock from across the multiverse to claim their fortunes—and your Commander community can take part at Commander Party! Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Party surrounds several vaults that players can add counters to as Upstanding Citizens—or take the loot and go On the Run.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Party Play Aid

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Party Event Cards

While you'll receive your Commander Party materials in English, you're welcome to download the materials in additional languages as needed.

Participating players receive a copy of the participation promo, Costly Plunder, while supplies last.

Store Championship (May 4 – May 12)

This one-day-only, Standard-format, in-store tournament event gives your community a space to test their mettle against each other for commemorative promos! Whether they've been practicing week over week in Standard Showdown or want to jump in with their favorite Standard deck to play, encourage your competitive community to register.

At WPN Premium stores, these promos are extra special, as you’ll receive an extra set of the top 8 and winner promos in nonfoil with your store’s name printed right on the card. Qualifying players should receive both the regular and store name-printed versions of the promo at your event.

Friday Night Magic (April 19 – July 19)

For all your other Magic event needs, you can rely on Friday Night Magic. It's the day of the week where your community knows your store is the place to go to find Magic, friends, and fun.

Support this event with promo packs, Get the Gang Together promos, and Bring-a-Friend promos while supplies last.

Plus, you can draw fresh attention to the event using our new video resource, available for download today on the marketing materials page.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction is Magic's first foray into frontier fantasy, where every town is an outlaw's paradise. How will your players stake their claim onto their fortunes? Schedule your full slate of events and get your community ready to rustle up some trouble.

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