Jun 6, 2022 — Double Masters 2022, In-Store Play

Tips & Tricks for Running Successful In-Store Events

Double Masters 2022 release is on the horizon—read up on best practices for running awesome in-store events.

Jun 6, 2022 — Double Masters 2022, In-Store Play

Tips & Tricks for Running Successful In-Store Events

Double Masters 2022 release is on the horizon—read up on best practices for running awesome in-store events.

The release of Double Masters 2022 is only one month away, and whether you're gearing up for the set release on July 8 or a WPN Premium store preparing for your exclusive WPN Premium Preview Event, it's never a bad time to brush up on best practices to run a successful in-store event.

Before the Event: Raise Awareness

The first step to running any successful event is getting it on the calendar—but once your event is scheduled in Wizards EventLink, you've got a few key checklist items to complete ahead of the event itself.

  1. Predetermine your prizes.
  2. Your prize structure will vary by event type and whether your event is more casual or competitive. For casual events, we recommend a flat prizing structure; for competitive events, you can have heavier prize support. Whatever you decide, communicate your prize structure in your event details.

  3. Figure out your staffing needs.
  4. The number of judges and additional supporting staff you'll need varies by event size. Make sure everyone you need is available for the big day.

  5. Advertise on social media.
  6. Players in your area can find your store on the Store & Event Locator, but it's still important to spread the word as much as possible! Be sure to use our downloadable marketing materials to help your posts stand out.

Remember to continue showing off the Love Your Local Game Store promo as you advertise your Double Masters 2022 events to encourage players to support your store with a $50 USD purchase to get their hands on the promo Sol Ring!

Additionally, you should encourage your players to sign up for events with their Wizards Account whenever possible. It helps with your event reporting and contributes toward accurate allocation growth over time.

Players only contribute toward your engaged player metric if they sign up for your events using a Wizards Account, so if you know they are a loyal member of your community, encourage them to sign up as soon as possible.

During the Event: Engage with Players

As your event is getting started, make sure your voice is loud and clear. Depending on the size of your play space, you may consider amplifying any starting announcements with a microphone.

Between matches, try to direct players to a space where they can decompress that is separate from your play space. This helps you keep track of ongoing matches and may present the opportunity for players to pick up a snack or drink before another match begins.

After the Event: Debrief with Staff

Once your event is over, be sure to reward your staff for their hard work , if possible, to thank them for their participation and engagement. Then, ask for their thoughts on the event. Collecting feedback from staff members will help you address any logistical issues that arose so you can be even more prepared for your next event.

To get the full picture of your event's success, you may also consider sending a survey out to your attendees, allowing them the opportunity to submit feedback directly to you.

After you've celebrated your successes and assessed any areas of improvement, you're ready to do it all again! This summer has no shortage of event opportunities ready for you and your players: head to Wizards EventLink and fill your summer with Double Masters 2022 events today.

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