Aug 15, 2023 — Promos, Wilds of Eldraine, Events, Featured

Wilds of Eldraine Events & Promos Overview

Fill your calendar with whimsy and invite your community to step into the mystical Wilds of Eldraine.

Aug 15, 2023 — Promos, Wilds of Eldraine, Events, Featured

Wilds of Eldraine Events & Promos Overview

Fill your calendar with whimsy and invite your community to step into the mystical Wilds of Eldraine.

Your community has been invited to step into the storybook world of Eldraine—previews for Wilds of Eldraine have begun unfolding, and now is the perfect time to direct players' attention to upcoming events at your store.

Today, we'll review the suite of events for the Wilds of Eldraine season, plus the promos you'll have on hand to support each.

Prerelease (September 1 – 7)

30th Anniversary Promos

Since Dominaria United, we've supported Prerelease events with additional promos to commemorate Magic's incredible 30th anniversary. Starting at your Wilds of Eldraine Prerelease, you can distribute the following promos:

  • Hornet Queen (printed in French)
  • Harvester of Souls
  • Kalonian Hydra (low print quantity, printed in Spanish)
  • Goblin Rabblemaster

For ideas on how to distribute your 30th Anniversary promos, you can always visit the Promo Usage & Policy hub.

Buy-a-Box Promo

Starting with Prerelease Early Sales, players can grab a full box of Wilds of Eldraine product to receive a copy of the promo, Expel the Interlopers.

Players can pick up the following products in your store to qualify to earn the promo, while supplies last:

  • Draft Booster Display
  • Set Booster Display
  • Collector Booster Display

Prerelease Early Sales will not be continuing in Japan for Wilds of Eldraine.

Open House (September 8 – 10)

Open House is replacing Launch Party for Wilds of Eldraine, which is a perfect opportunity for new-to-Magic players to visit your store and learn the ropes of Magic in a friendly social environment. Plus, you can encourage the engaged players in your community to bring in their friends and family and teach them to play. You may even find engaged players interested in becoming a mentor for other new players at your store.

Give the following promo to participants in your Open House event while supplies last:

  • Drown in the Loch

Additional promo support for Open House can be found on the event page.

Commander Party (September 15 – 17)

Commander Party events are available to all WPN stores, and this time your players will immerse themselves in a storybook that provides the table with unique rules to implement during their Commander game.

All WPN stores will receive the following promo to support your Commander Party; WPN Premium stores will receive the promos in traditional foil:

  • Syr Konrad, the Grim

Store Championship (September 30 – October 8)

Store Championship is a structured, in-store tournament program where your players can prove their mettle and earn commemorative promos. The formats rotate each season, and for Wilds of Eldraine, you may schedule your Store Championship using Standard, Booster Draft, or Sealed Deck formats.

You'll have three promo categories in your kit to support Store Championship: participation promos based on your community size, eight Top 8 promos, and one Winner promo.

  • Participation – Tail Swipe
  • Top 8 – Transcendent Message
  • Winner – Moonshaker Cavalry

WPN Premium stores will receive Top 8 and Winner promos in nonfoil with their store name custom printed on them; please provide both copies of the promo to qualifying players.

Season-Long Promo Support

Bring-a-Friend Promo

For players in your community who bring friends or family to your events, you can award the entire party with the Bring-a-Friend promo. This promo is refreshed for the Wilds of Eldraine season—it is now Cultivate.

One great opportunity to break out these promos is the Open House event, in addition to the Open House promo.

Promo Packs & Welcome Boosters

Throughout the season, you may use promo packs and Welcome Boosters from your promo kit to support any events you run in-store. Promo packs are fun for players to open at any time, and Welcome Boosters are ideal for newer players to get a taste of what Magic has to offer.

The Lotus Petal Promo

We're sending WPN stores a Lotus Petal promo card that you can begin passing out to your community starting the weekend of September 22. Handing out the promo to your community is easy: all your players have to do is show up and play in one event at your store. Then, you can distribute one Lotus Petal promo to each player, while supplies last. Use the Lotus Petal to highlight your Friday Night Magic events, your Commander Nights, or even entice your community to bring their friends and family to a new player event at your store!

This promo will ship alongside your Wilds of Eldraine promo kit, which should begin arriving in stores in North America starting August 25, with other regions to follow. Do not distribute your Lotus Petal promo until September 22. If you receive your Lotus Petal promo after September 22, you may begin distribution right away.

Schedule Your Wilds of Eldraine Events

If you haven't done so yet, today is the day to set some time aside and schedule your Wilds of Eldraine season events. The earlier you schedule, the sooner your players can see what you're running and make plans to come to your store—and even gather up some friends to come along for the fun.

You can use the Events Calendar to get a broad look at the events for the season, and open up Wizards EventLink to get your events on your store's calendar.

Download New Marketing Materials

A suite of new marketing materials are available for you to download and use across your social media platforms to advertise your events and the promos coming to your community. On the marketing materials page, you can find pre-sized social media images, the Wilds of Eldraine Teaser Trailer, and more: all ready to download and use right away.

While you're downloading Wilds of Eldraine content, you should also check out our new evergreen video asset: the "What Is Prerelease?" Video! It may be a timely primer to newer players in your community interested in joining the event, but unsure what it entails.

Take advantage of the conversations stirring in your community about each preview that draws us nearer to Wilds of Eldraine's arrival to your shelves. Schedule your events and download new marketing materials right away.

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