Jun 11, 2021 — In-Store Play, Events

WPN Updates to In-Store Event Policies

Our new discretionary in-store event policies make it easier for you to adjust for health and safety considerations.

Jun 11, 2021 — In-Store Play, Events

WPN Updates to In-Store Event Policies

Our new discretionary in-store event policies make it easier for you to adjust for health and safety considerations.

With in-store play returning to the U.S. on May 28, keeping customers and players safe in your store is the top priority. We’ve updated our in-store event policies so you can run your events in a way that works best for your community as COVID-19 safety protocols continue to change globally.

Beginning May 28, we’re temporarily enacting the following discretionary WPN in-store event policies. These policies are supplemental to the overarching WPN Terms and Conditions . They are optional, temporary, and should only be applied in accordance with local laws and regulations:

1. You do not have to run in-store events. Running in-store events is voluntary and you will not be penalized in any way if you choose not to.

You should only host in-store events if you are able to do so safely, legally, and responsibly. Events reported during this period will not count towards your play metrics.

Q1 2020 metric snapshot will remain in place until further notice. All scheduling options for Prerelease, including in-store, via webcam, on SpellTable, and at-home will count towards future Prerelease allocations equivalently.

We will inform WPN members before any events begin counting towards play metrics. At that time you will have a full year to rebuild your metrics. We will then base promo and product allocations on whichever is higher between your live metrics and the metric snapshot. Theros Beyond Death will be included in Prerelease allocation determinations until two Prereleases have occurred where metrics are counted.

2. You may impose additional health and safety requirements for entering your store and/or events.

WPN policy normally requires that WPN events are open to anyone allowed in your store. Under the WPN Discretionary Policy, this has been temporarily changed. You may impose additional entry and player requirements that you judge as necessary to provide a healthy and safe environment for play. As a friendly reminder, it is up to you to ensure compliance with applicable local laws and regulations when making these decisions.

3. You may modify Magic: The Gathering tournament rules and procedure as needed to provide a safe environment for play and ensure compliance with local health guidelines and regulations.

You are allowed to make good faith modifications to tournament rules solely as they relate to providing a safe play environment. You are responsible for ensuring these modifications comply with applicable local laws and regulations. It is up to you to determine what modifications, if any, to adopt, but here are some examples of what is allowed:

  • Players may only shuffle or cut their own decks
  • Cards must remain on the owner’s side of the table when control is changed
  • Cards attached to cards owned by other players should not physically touch
  • Mechanics that require an opponent to search a player’s library, hand, or graveyard are performed by the owner displaying that zone to the active player without cards changing hands

4. You may host in-store events for private groups.

You may offer private events for groups. You may also host off-hours events. This pertains to all event types, including WPN programs and non-programs. Any private event you host should always follow the WPN Code of Conduct and comply with the basic terms of your WPN membership. You must provide a safe, welcoming, and inclusive play environment for all customers, including minors.

As always, please refer to local health and safety guidelines for the most recent COVID-19 protocols in your area. You can also schedule your events now through Wizards EventLink.

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